Established 1981

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Located in
Oakland County, Michigan
Toll Free Fax Number 1.866.629.5844

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" North Oakland Darting Association


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2014/2015 Year End Banquet at Waterford Lanes

Darts is not about winning.  Darts is not about losing.
Darts is about having fun!
It's the sport that begins and ends with a handshake.

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Important: If you change your Mailing Address please use this update immediately so we can change the NODA Mailing List records. The Post Office charges NODA $.55 each time they forward your stats or another mailing and notify us of your address change.  This is in addition to the $.49 Stamp it costs NODA for the original mailing.  In addition to this, sometimes it takes the Post Office several weeks to send back the notification of an address change to NODA so there may be several mailings that are affected with the wasted Postage and Postal Address Change/Forwarding charges. We're talkin' a lot of dollars of your entry fees being wasted on bad address mailings so please notify us here with your changes.

Email Addresses
We would like to add Email addresses of all our members to our NODA files so that we may better contact you with League Notifications and League Information.  We will only use your Email address to contact you for NODA business and will not sell or distribute it.  If you have an Email address and would like to be on our Email List please
Click Here.

If you are currently receiving notices from us and wish to discontinue these notifications please let us know here.
Thank you.

Love our Sponsors!
The North Oakland Darting Association is a "Traveling" Dart League that depends on Bars & Clubs to sponsor our teams and provide us with a place to play our game of Darts each Monday night during our Dart Seasons.  These Bars & Clubs do not only cater to us but also must mostly rely on their regular customers who patronize and support these venues all thru the week and not just on Monday nights.  In order to stay in business our Venues must provide entertainment that all customers want so that they want to be "customers".  Sometimes this entertainment gets in our way but we as a League must be respectful of our Venues and other customers so that our Venues can stay in business and be willing to host our League.

DO NOT carry food and drinks into the venues we play out of. These are the products they sell and if you do this you may be barred from these establishments.
Liquor Commission Rule R 436.1033 says "A retail licensee shall not allow the consumption of alcoholic liquor on his or her licensed premises which has not been purchased by the retail licensee from the commission..."

We need to remind all members about how important it is to keep the
Swearing out and the Tipping of our Servers in on league night.

If your team is forced to miss or cancel a nights play please be courteous and contact the opposing team so that they don't make a needless trip to the venue.

Please don't forget the Golden Rule.

Captains:  When you initial your Score Sheet at the end of the night's play you are attesting to its accuracy so please take a few minutes and look it over to see that the correct player names have been entered into the games,  that there are outs/winners listed for each game and to correct any errors you see.

League Problems or Questions
If you have a problem, question or request pertaining to your team or the League, the person to call for a resolution is your DIVISION COORDINATOR.
If your Division Coordinator is unable to assist you they will forward your situation on to the Rules Chairperson for a resolution.
If the Rules Chairperson is unable to resolve your issue it will be forwarded on to the Vice President or the President for a resolution.
This procedure must be followed in order for the situation to be resolved by the appropriate Officers and your Board.  Read NODA Rule #6.
The Statistician has been directed to no longer accept such calls and to inform you to call your Division Coordinator with your request.  Please do not bother calling him.

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