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   Note: Because of our past experience with teams not notifying us that they can't or don't wish to compete in this Lutz Curry Tournament and then they just don't show up to play has caused us to require your team to sign up to play in this Lutz Curry Tournament.

   Fill out the on-line entry form or call/text Joe Martin @ 248.830.4954 and let him know that your team will be entering this 2015 Lutz Curry Tournament.

   The Signup deadline for this 2015 Tournament is Sunday
April 5th.  If your team is not signed up by Sunday April 5th your team will not be included in this Tournament.

Lutz Curry Tournament Rules

This tournament is a North Oakland Darting Association, Whole League, Team Tournament and is played annually following the close of regular league play.

This is a RANDOM SEED - SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament with as many rounds as possible to be played prior to the NODA Year End Banquet and the remaining final rounds to be played at the NODA Year End Banquet.

All N.O.D.A. teams must play this tournament in a venue other than their own sponsor.

The LOCATION is where you are playing this night.

We start playing at 7:30 pm just like on a regular League night.

Each team must field a minimum of 3 players.  All players present, that show up to play, MUST play a minimum of 2 games unless if for reasons beyond a player's control, such as work or prior commitments, he/she cannot be present for an entire night's match IT IS OK to appear and play in less than the 2 games per night requirement.  This player may play in any of the remaining games.  If this happens it must be approved by both captains.  It is ok to come and watch your teammates play and not participate but that option will be with the player and if he plays at all the full force of this rule and all other NODA rules will be in effect. (All games to be 3 man teams)

FORMAT - Best 4 out of 7 games each match.

When the tournament is set up the numbers to the right of your team name is your team HANDICAP. This is your STARTING POINT for the games in this tournament.

All games to be 01 games using your HANDICAP as your Starting Number.

A COIN TOSS at the start of the match determines chalking team for the first game. Teams then alternate chalking duties for each successive game.

Each game begins with the "throw for the cork" (bull's-eye) to determine which team shoots first. The order for the "throw for the cork" is determined by the above mentioned coin toss with the winner of the toss having option at cork for all odd or all even games.  (See Rule 2-B & 2-C of the NODA Rules)

At the finish of the night's match please Fax 1.866.629.5844,  Email Statistician-2@noda-darts.com or Text Joe Martin @ 248.830.4954 and advise who won the night. Scores are not necessary - just who won the night.


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