Faxing or Scanning/Emailing of Score Sheets


I'd like to compliment those team Captains and Members that take the time to Scan/Email or Fax me their score sheets on Monday night right after you finish playing or the first thing on Tuesday morningThank You.  It's great to be able to start working on the Stats around 11 o'clock Monday night and then continue the first thing in the morning.

Faxing and Scanning/Emailing in of your score sheets early is not for my benefit.  Faxing or Scanning/Emailing your score sheets in early is for the benefit of the League helping to insure that your stats get processed as soon on Tuesday as possible.  Although Rule 3-B gives a deadline of 6:00 pm on Tuesday I am requesting that you do it much earlier in the day.

The sooner I get your sheets the sooner I can begin working on them.

We have available to us a beautiful technology that allows us to communicate FREE because you've already paid for the service when you signed up for Internet access.  The Internet.  That's how we're communicating now.  We didn't have an Internet when the League was formed and mailing in our score sheets to the Statistician was the only option.  Times have changed and we have changed the way we do things.

If the deadline arrives and I don't have your score sheets I can't hold up the printing and publishing of the stats to the League just because I'm missing your sheets.  Also, if you're late getting your sheets to me it causes me to do duplicate work because when your sheets finally arrive I have to enter those sheets and then update the web site.  I can't correct the stats that have already been printed and mailed so they will remain incorrect.  Please get your score sheets in early.

NODA Fax # 1.866.629.5844 (Toll Free)
Please - When you Fax in your sheets always use the ORIGINALS to fax from, not one of the duplicate copies.  Watch the Fax Machine to see that all the sheets go through properly.  Make sure it doesn't pull 2 or more sheets through the machine at once.  Do not pull out your sheets or turn off the machine until it has finished transmitting the Fax.

Email VickieWeber@noda-darts.com
When you scan your score sheets, set your scanner to scan the ORIGINALS into a
4 page Document
    .PDF    file.
Experiment with using a Black and White versus a Color scan and determine which format creates the smallest file size then use that format to scan your sheets into.    Send the file to me as an "attachment" to an Email.

Note: I would recommend creating a Folder in your "My Documents" folder called "Darts".  Each time you scan your sheets save your newly created scan into this Darts folder and name it something like "Darts 9-10-12" (or the date that you actually play).  That way you will have a scanned record of your score sheets and you will be able to browse to the saved file, attach it to an Email and send it to me.

No matter where I am in the world I can receive your Faxes and Emails instantly.

Please check with the Venue that you're playing in to see if they have a Fax machine that you could use to send your sheets to me before you leave the bar on the night that you play.  If you're playing a team that has nobody on it that has access to a Fax machine or a Scanner/Email PLEASE offer to take their sheets and Fax or Email them for them.

Scanners/Fax Machines are dirt cheap nowadays and this would be a real good excuse to go out and buy one.  You'd be surprised at how much stuff you want to scan when you have one.