To: All prospective Dart Team Sponsors

Click Here and print this attached Flyer and hang it next to your Dart Boards.

Welcome to the growing family of supporters of organized classic Steel Tipped darts playing in Oakland County.

As a prospective sponsor, you probably have many questions which we will try to answer with the following information:

When do we play?  Matches are scheduled for Monday nights starting in September and ending in April of each year (split into a Fall and a Winter season).  The schedule is developed to provide each team an equal number of "home" and "away" matches, each match starting at 7:30 p.m. and lasting typically 3 to 4 hours.

What does being a sponsor do for me?  Each "home" match will involve two teams of four to six players each plus assorted spouses, friends, spectators, and the like, being in your club for at least the duration of the match, and typically for some time thereafter.  While dart players as a group tend to be well-behaved, responsible adults, they thoroughly enjoy responsible drinking and a good time.  Most sponsors have found "DART NIGHT" to become one of their most trouble-free, and profitable nights of the week.

What is expected of me? 
FACILITIES:  At least one approved dart board, scoreboard, lighting, and associated floor space for each sponsored team. (Click Here to see the layout drawing)
Seating for a minimum of twelve people near the playing area for each "home" match.
NOTE:  If you choose to sponsor more than two teams there will be times when two or more teams will be playing "at home".  Keep this in mind when planning your facilities.

TEAM IDENTIFICATION:  "TEAM SHIRTS" (usually knit short-sleeved golf style) would be nice if provided by the sponsor for all team members.  These can be provided "Free", "At cost", or any other arrangement you can make with your players.  Keep in mind that many players wear these shirts to major, local and/or national tournaments in addition to their normal Monday night matches.  This can be a valuable source of exposure for your club name and location.

HOSPITALITY:  Arrangements for service for 12 or more people on each "home match" night.  In most cases this will not require a "special" waiter for the dart players.  Drinks should be available for the darters at your normal reasonable prices.  "Courtesy drinks", for the Home or Visiting teams, while not unusual, are Not Required.

In case of player conduct problems, you are expected to consistently enforce your normal House Rules of Conduct.  We do not wish to associate ourselves with people who will not conduct themselves as responsible adult citizens.  By League Rules, no player will be allowed to compete in any establishment where that player has been Barred for any reason.  If a visiting team includes any such player, you should immediately notify your "Home Captain" and that player will be asked to leave the premises.

The dart playing area should be maintained as free as possible from undue distractions, excessive traffic, etc. during the match.

Waiters should try to serve the players from the rear of the table, (away from the shooting area), and in any case, should NEVER WALK NEAR OR ACROSS the shooting lane.

In general, we are your guests and play at your establishment at your invitation.  What you say, goes.

Absolutely!  Such things as local weekly "Luck of the Draw" tournaments, and State-wide or Regional tournaments have proven to be both satisfying and profitable to other sponsors.  Your N.O.D.A. Board is available to help you with these projects.

The SPONSOR FEES for the 2013/2014 Dart Year are $85.00 per team for the whole dart year or $55.00 for each of the Fall or Winter seasons only.  These funds are used for trophies, awards, data processing fees and other operating expenses of the League.  A detailed financial report is available, and is normally presented to the N.O.D.A. Board at each monthly Board Meeting.

( 1 ) Click Here and review the layout drawing.  Hang your dartboard according to the dimensions shown.
( 2 ) Download and print the Recruitment Poster & Team Sign Up Sheet.
( 2 ) Fill in your Club Name in the first sentence of the printed Player Recruitment Poster Team Sign Up Page.
( 3 ) Post the Recruitment Poster in a conspicuous place in your establishment.
( 4 ) Notify any Board Member or League Officer of your interest in being a Sponsor for the 2013/2014 Season.