North Oakland Darting Association

We’d like to take this time to introduce you to the North Oakland Darting Association, (NODA). We are a Classic Steel-tipped dart league.

We were formed in 1981 and have enjoyed playing on Monday nights since then. NODA is a member of the American Darts Organization and is affiliated with the World Darts Federation so in addition to regular league play our members are eligible to participate in nationally sanctioned tournaments.

We request an Annual player fee of $60.00 from each player who signs up and an Annual venue sponsor fee of $85.00 per team sponsored. This Annual fee covers both the Fall and Winter Leagues. These funds cover our cost of running the league which includes advertising, printing of score sheets, producing and mailing stats to each team captain each week, plus the costs incurred in running the tournaments, the trophies for both the Fall and Winter leagues and the catering for the midyear & year end Banquets. League sponsors are invited to participate in our Tournaments and Banquets. It must be understood here that these player fees are the total that our members pay to participate in our League. There is no "Per Game" machine fee that the "Plastic Darts" have to pay.

The North Oakland Darting Association is a Non-Profit Organization with fees just large enough to cover our annual costs. We supply a financial statement to the league each month detailing all of our income and expenses. We award no cash payback to the winners at the end of the season but instead we offer Plaques as trophies for each player on the teams that finish 1st and 2nd in each division plus plaques for various high accomplishments during each season. Offering trophies instead of a cash payback eliminates the grudges caused when playing for cash.

The team makeup is co-ed with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6. There can be no substitute players used during the year. All players (men or women) listed on a team are considered to be full time team members and their sign up fee must be paid prior to being eligible to play.

Darts is a beautiful sport for women and many of our better teams are mostly made up of women.

How can I get on an existing team?

If you can’t find a team to join and would like to be listed as a player looking for a team send an Email to, or attend a Board meeting.  Leave your name, address, phone number, your 01 average and we will put your name onto a list to be published each week in the stats and on the Web Site that lets the league know you want to join a team.

This Dart Year is split into a Fall Season and a Winter Season.

The Fall Season will begin playing in September with the teams aligned in the league positions according to the team average and known ability. At the end of the Fall Season the divisional and personal winners will be determined. The plaques for the Team and Personal winners of the Fall Season will be handed out at the Midyear Tournament.

The Winter Season, with all of the team and personal stats reset to 0 will start playing in January.

If a team wins first place in their division in the Fall Season they will advance to the next higher division at the beginning of the Winter Season. If a team finishes in last place in their division in the Fall Seasib they will be placed in the next lower division at the beginning of the Winter Season.

Each team will play each other team in their division one home game and one away game in each of the Fall and Winter Seasons.

The HOME games are not all in a row but are balanced as much as possible to be home one week and away the next. This is not always possible and sometimes your team will play away or home for 2 or 3 weeks straight. The total seasonal balance of Home and Away games is there though.

This split season format allows new teams, players and sponsors to enter at the beginning of the Winter Season. Their averages will be determined just as at the beginning of the Fall Season.

The price of new entries at the Winter Season start would be $38.00 per player fee and $55.00 Sponsor fee per Team entry. This fee covers the Winter Season only.

How do I form a team?

It is the responsibility of the players and the sponsoring venues to form their own teams.

The first thing to do is to start calling your friends and fellow players and let them know that you are forming a team and want them to be a member. The minimum number of players listed on a team is 4 and the maximum is 6. Each player listed on a team is considered to be a full time player even if he doesn't play each week.

There are no substitutes allowed in this league. With a maximum of 6 players allowed on a team you don’t have to have all of your team present each night. You are allowed to play with a minimum of 4 players without having to use the "Dummy" Rule (Rule #12-B). You might designate 1 or 2 of your players as subs and use them as needed but they would be paid up eligible members of your team. This prevents a team from bringing in a "Ringer" and taking unfair advantage of an opposing team.

When you get your players lined up schedule practice nights with your team so that you get to play good together as a team.

The next thing to do is locate a venue that you want as a sponsor and get with the venue owner or manager and let them know that you would like them to sponsor your team. Explain to them that the members of your team will be valued customers and that the more teams they sponsor increases their customer base. Also, let them know that on League Night they can expect to take in about $150.00 or more in beverage sales per league board in use. If they have a good food menu this amount would increase because darters like to eat.

If the venue you have selected doesn’t have a dartboard set up presently they can purchase one for about $150.00 (including a bristle dartboard, backboard, chalkboard and light assy.) at most dart supply stores.  C&M Darts (in the barber shop) in downtown Milford and Griffin Darts in Waterford and Oxford are good dart supply stores and have playing members in our league.

The floor space required for each dartboard setup is 6’ wide by 10’ from the back of where the shooter stands to the wall.

The North Oakland Darting Association is a prestigious Dart League and holds all of its players and sponsors in high esteem. League Board meetings are held once a month and every decision made by the Board is made to insure fairness of play and to see that sponsors and members alike have an enjoyable and fulfilling season. Your Board welcomes active participation and suggestions from any and all league members pertaining to rules and the running of the league. We sincerely hope you take an interest in joining our league.

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