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by Michael Abbott

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2 World Champions - BDO & PDC
3 questions you can ask a chalker
ADO Disaffiliation
ADO Originated in Detroit
ADO Rankings for NODA Players
All Star Local Qualifier Tournaments Funding
All Star Tournament Benefits (Don't be shy about entering)
Bar Rounds are not a requirement from a sponsoring bar

Bar Round Elimination
Board Member Nominations (You should run for a position)
Bull-a-Thon (Double Bull Shoot Off)
Captain's Responsibilities to Check Your Sheets Before Signing

Chalker is Only Allowed to Tell the Thrower...
Confirm Your Score Prior to Removing Darts
Corking Instructions
Dart Throwers Motion is unique to human beings
First Women's World Dart Champion
Is my dart In or Out?
Jeremiah Millar's BDO World Masters Tournament Qualification
Jeremiah Millar's 2013 World Masters Tourament Top 64 finish
League Problems or Questions
Love our Sponsors!
Moe Crook, Larry Kantzer, Phil Seidl, Lutz Curry...
New World Dart Series - Jeremiah Millar & Michael Abbott
NODA had players finish in National Rankings
Once Your 3rd Dart is Thrown Your Score...
Phil Taylor Won 15th World Championship
Questions you can ask a chalker during a match
Rescheduling a match - People that need to know
Summer Tournaments
Webcam Dart Association
Westwood at the Crossing Closed
Who ya gonna call with a Team or League Problem or Question


As many of you have heard, the NODA Board has voted to disaffiliate from the ADO (American Darts Organization).  What does this mean and how will it affect you and our League?

The ADO was established in 1976, right here in Metro Detroit (Dearborn) with 30 leagues forming the initial organization.  Rules and regulations were established for tournaments, sanction tournaments which followed those rules, and set up a national playoff system.

Over the years the ADO has lost membership, due to many factors.  In recent years, our Region, 4-4, was unable to hold qualifying tournaments due to lack of participation.  In addition, there have been some issues at the national office which raised some concerns for our Board.  Taking these things into consideration, as well as our perceived lack of benefits for our dues, the NODA Board decided to disaffiliate from the ADO, effictive January 1, 2015.

How does this affect you?  First, NODA will no longer be sending representatives to Regional ADO tournaments.  However, as an individual you can still join the ADO and pay your own way (For more information on this, please feel free to contact Michael Abbott).  It also means our players will not receive ADO points when they attend ADO santioned tournaments.  Most of the other benefits listed on the ADO website haven't been available for many years, which is another reason we felt the ADO wasn't benefiting us.

Lastly, we will no longer be holding the local ADO qualifiers for Cricket and 501.  Instead, we will hold the same style tournament (same round robin format), but it will be for a League Champion.  The dates for these tournamnts have not been set yet.  Since we are not affiliated with the ADO, the NODA ADO Representaative position has been removed from the NODA Board.  While I voted myself out of a Board position, a new position was created; NODA Tournament Director (In charge of the year end Championship Tournaments).  I was asked to take on this new position and I accepted.

As of right now, our league rules will not change.  While we are not and ADO affiliated league, we will continue to use their current rules until the end of the Winter 2015 season.  Over the summer, a review will be made of the League Rules and any appropriate changes will be made.

If you have any questions regarding these decisions, please feel free to contact myself or anyone on the Board.

Thank you
Michael Abbott
NODA Tournament Director



Congratulations to the following US Darters:
Pam Briggs (Top-128), Sarah Simeons (Top-128), Lisa Ayers (Top-128)
Dave walsh (Top-256), Jim Widmayer (Top-256), Joe Chaney (Top-256), Steve Brown (Top-128), Robbie Phillips (Top-64), Jeremiah Millar (Top-64)

Jeremiah Millar (Top-64) for representing the United States at the 40th World Masters in Hull City on October 10th.

The World Masters format is the best of 3 legs to win a set, the best of 5 sets wins a match (First to 3).  Jeremiah had a bye in the first round, then defeated Kiley Edmunds (CAN) 3-0, and defeated Kenneth Ljungars (FIN) 3-1.  He eventually lost in the Top 64 to 3-Time World Champion, Martin "Wolfie" Adams, 0-3  (Brackets *Page 15*).  Adams went on to win the group (And is currently in the top 8 as of this writing).  While I'm sure Miah was frustrated at his missed opportunities he had against Wolfie, he represented the US very well.

The day before the Masters, Jeremiah played in the Lakeside Tournament.  Many of the Masters players play in this tournament as a tune up.  Miah lost in the first round to John Michael.  As of this article, John Michael is in the Top-16 of the Masters Tournament.

Congratulations to Jeremiah Millar and all of the US players at The Masters!

Michael Abbott
ADO Rep. NODA 4-4


Did you know that when a player signs the score sheet, the score written becomes the official score?  I know that sounds silly/basic, but if there is a miscount on the games, the written score, not the actual game wins/losses becomes official (See Rule 3-B).  Here are some examples of what could happen.  Team A actually wins game #4, but accidentally circles Team B.  The real score of the night should be Team A, 10 - Team B, 5.  However, due to the mistake in game #4, the score is written down as Team A 9 - Team B 6.  That becomes the official score, unless a proper protest is filed (See Rule 6-B).  Example #2:  all the correct players are circled on the sheets, thus giving Team A the 10-5 win, but the score is written down as 9-6.  In this case, 9-6 becomes the official score.  Individual players may still receive their individual wins for year-end trophy purposes, but the team score remains at 9-6.

In case of illegibility, a team has 30 days to report the error (See Rule 8-A-B).

This is why it is VERY important that the Captains re-check EACH game, not just the score, when signing the score sheets at the end of the night.

Michael Abbott
ADO Rep. NODA 4-4


Did you know that one of NODA's very own, Jeremiah Millar, has qualified for the BDO World Masters in England this year?  His second place finish at the 2013 ADO 501 National Championships against Darin Young (4-2 final score) has qualified Jeremiah to play at the 40th annual BDO World Masters.  He will be competing against some of the world's finest dart players for the title of World Master at the Hull City Hall in Kingston, UK from October 10th - 13th, 2013 in hopes of becoming the first North American born winner of this tournament.  Past winners include John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Phil Taylor, Dennis Priestly, Ramond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen and Martin Adams.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah had to cover all the expenses for this trip himself.  To help him out, NineDartOut.us, Don Speer, and others put together a Luck of the Draw fundraiser for him.  The event was held on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the Rusty Nail in Clinton Township.  The sign up for this double elimination tournament was at 1 P.M.  The format was 501/Cricket/Choice.  There was a $5 tournament fee (Prize money) + a $5 (minimum) donation that went towards Jeremiah's trip expenses.  There was a 50/50 raffle and raffles for prizes provided by NineDartOut.us.

Michael Abbott


It is with great sadness that I must report The Westwood at the Crossing in Grand Rapids has oficially closed.  The Westwood has been home to the Shoot The Rapids and the Great Lakes Dart Challenge tournaments, as well as numerous teams in the Grand Rapids Dart League for many years now.  The Westwood was also inducted into the National Darts Hall of Fame.  Please look here for possible future announcements on the Great Lakes Dart Challenge.
Thank you
Michael Abbott


Did you know there's a new dart association, and it just may be the future of steel-tip darts around the world (literally)?  It's called the Webcam Dart Association (WDA http://webcamdarts.com).  All you need is a webcam, computer/laptop, Google Chrome (browser), and a Google+ account.  Just log in to the website with your Google+ account (using Google Chrome ONLY!). click on the LOBBY tab, log in, find someone to play against, click on their name, click the Create Game button, set the parameters of the game, cork for the start, and it's GAME ON!  Just type in your score and hit Enter.  The shot will be deducted from your overall score (you'll actually hear an announcer call out your score).  The turn then passes to your opponent.  You can then watch their throw via the webcam.  They will enter their score and the turn passes back to you.  The program will even suggesst outs near the end.  There are several versions of '01 available in several different formats.  You can even customize a format with an opponent.  The program keeps track of your win/losses, average (a true average down to 0, just like the pros), total 180's, # games won, win%, your high out, and your best game (fewest shots).  Not only does the game save your match results, but you can even set it up to save the video!  How much would you expect to pay for all this?  $50? $100? $500?  How about FREE!  That's right!  You can play the WDA for free.  If you choose to play in an actual online league there will be fees.  But, just to play your friends, there is no cost.  Of course, the creators of the program incur ongoing expenses and donations are gladly accepted via PayPal.  So, why not join Jeremiah Millar (Nickname: miah), John Upham (Nickname: devandonder), Kyle Nabors (Nickname: 57kid), or Michael Abbott (Nickname: USADARTER) who are already playing on the WDA and getting better every day?


As we have done in the past, for every complete amount of 8 players, we send on 1 player (minimum one male & female).  As often is the case, we sometimes come just a little shy of reaching that 16th player.  There are no ADO rules that stipulate we must have 16/24 players to send qualifiers on.  This rule comes from the NODA and is a matter of finances.  Currently the NODA takes $2 from every player's dues, as well as $2 from each venue fee, per team, and sets it aside for ADO qualifiers.  We always send on a minimum of 4 players each year (2 for 501 and 2 for cricket) at a cost of $110/player to the National Qualifiers (formerly called "Regionals").  Our League has 118 players and 23 teams.  Therefore, we are only setting aside $282, but spending $440/year on ADO qualifiers.  The rest comes out of the NODA general funds.  If we send on additional players, those extra funds also come out of the general funds.  While the Board has accepted these additional costs as a part of running the League, we really can't afford to keep sending many additional players.  We need to find additional sources of income in order to send more players on.  We've thrown around ideas such as sponsorships.  I did try this idea 3 years ago.  The two main issues at that time were that sponsors didn't feel they were getting enough exposure to make a sponsorship worthwhile and that they didn't feel the money was going to a worthwhile cause.  The sponsors would rather put money towards "feel good" events such as the Youth League.  Another idea was to increase dues/fees.  This was implemented by the NODA Board on 3/4/09.  Our dues increased from $55 to $60 and the venue fees went up to $85.  This increase came about to facilitate the $2 per player/team to go towards the ADO qualifiers.  We also attempted to charge $5 for additional qualifiers (beyond the first) to send on more players, but nobody signed up for them.  At this past Board meeting (3/5/13), we discussed having a 50/50 raffle at the banquets and at the qualifiers.  However, we already run two 50/50 raffles at the banquets and if we run them at the ADO qualifiers, how do we determine who to send on, a man or woman?  Currently, I'm considering running a 50/50 at the Cricket qualifier.  The winner of the drawing gets 50% of the money received.  The other 50% would be split evenly between the two second place winners (one male/one female) with those two players needing to pay any additional monies to make up the $110 fee. I haven't worked any magic formula out, but perhaps we could still use the 1/8 rule for men and maybe a % number for women to spend the additional 50%.  For example, we'll still run a 50/50, but if we don't have 16 men and say 25% of the women at the event, the additional money would roll over to a future event.  I'd like to see a percentage used for the women instead of a hard number, such as 16, to send a second woman.  There are only 20 women in the League.  If it were my choice, we would have sent a second woman, not a man, at this past 501 event.  I think it's incredible that they had 50% of all the NODA female shooters attend this event.

You now understand the scope of the situation.  At this point, I am open to suggestions.


During the weekend of October 12-14, Jeremiah Millar and Michael Abbott headed down to Dayton, Ohio for the inaugural $30,000 New World Dart Series tournament ,    http://www.newworlddartseries.com/ .  Friday evening consisted of a luck of the draw.  Jeremiah finished in the top 8 with his partner, Dan Clack.  Michael didn't get out of the first round.  Saturday featured about 150 men and about 50 women competing in a round robin format (broken up into groups of 8 or 9 in 2 sessions; morning and afternoon) playing 5 games of 501 each match.  The top 4 from each group would advance to a Champions bracket of 64 on Sunday, while the rest played in a consolation bracket.  Jeremiah finished in the top of his group, while Michael just missed out, finishing 5th.  Jeremiah continued his dominance at the oche on Sunday, winning  his first and second matches, putting him into the top 16 vs. Bill Davis (#28 ADO).  Jeremiah had the first shot at a double in the first 4 games, but could not capitalize.  Finding himself down 0-4, he rallied to tie the best of 11 match at 5-5.  With 3 darts in hand, Jeremiah was on 90, while Bill Davis was waiting at 24.  After the first 2 darts, Jeremiah found himself needing a double 18 to advance, but missed.  Bill Davis hit the 24 to go on to the top 8.  The top 4 had a couple of surprises with Scott Wollaston, Dan Olson (Canada), Larry Butler, and Ray Carver.  Scott Wollaston (ADO #35) and Larry Butler (ADO#1) advanced to the finals with Scott Wollaston in a surprise upset of the nation's top player.  

The Women's bracket saw Paula Murphy defeat Andrea Taylor in the finals.

While there were a few glitches, I would consider the New World Dart Series a major success.  The 2nd and 3rd tour stops are not set yet, but we should expect to hear some information by the end of this year.

Michael Abbott


Did you know that Jeremiah Millar and Michael Abbott will be heading down to Dayton, Ohio this weekend (October 12-14) to represent NODA at the inaugural New World Dart Series Tournament (NWDS).  The ADO sanctioned NWDS is a different style of dart tournaments than most in North America.  Instead of having 6-10 different events (variations of '01 and cricket), the NWDS is singles 501 only (Saturday's round robin will be 5 games each match).  Saturday will be a round robin, similar to our local ADO 501 qualifying tournament.  139 men and 48 women will be competing for over $30,000 in prize money.  The top 2 winners and several others from each bracket (total of 64 players) will go on to a Champions bracket on Sunday for a top prize of $4,800.  The rest of the field will play in a consolation bracket for up to $1,000.  In addition, players on stage in the Champion bracket have a chance to win $500, if they throw a perfect game and a brand new Dodge Dart if that game is thrown in the finals.  You can follow the matches throughout the weekend on Twitter @OfficialNWDS or @USADarter or actually view some of the matches, which will be streamed live.  Check out http://www.newworlddartseries.com/ for the latest details.

Promotional Video announcing all the players: 

Coming fresh off his win at the King of the Hill tournament this past weekend in London ON, look for 'Miah to make a great run this weekend!

-Michael Abbott
ADO Director NODA 4-4


Did you know that there are 8 American dart players about to attempt to set the world record for the number of double bulls hit in a 10 hour period on May 5, 2012? The current record is 1505. This event is for charity. You can see the players and make donations at http://www.ellis-sportscentral.net/bullathon.html

Good luck to Connley Litton, Les Twinam, Chris Allen, Andrea Taylor, Chris Helms, Gordon Goodwin, Byron Dossey, and Christian Haggmark. Shoot well!

Michael Abbott, NODA ADO Rep.

Did you know...there are 3 questions you can ask a chalker during a match?

1.  What is the score of the dart you just threw?
2.  What is the total score of all of your darts thrown that round?
3.  (Probably the most useful, yet least asked question) What is your remaining score?

Several times this season, I've seen opponents struggle with what they've scored, trying to figure out what they have remaining.  When you do this, it makes your next shot more difficult.  You have taken away any momentum you may have had, especially after hitting a big triple to possibly get down to a double.  Chalkers should always be calculating what is shot and what remains.  Try to anticipate what will be shot next and start doing the calculations ahead of time.  By practicing this while chalking at the board, it will also help you when you are shooting.

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know that many of the NODA players are busy practicing and attending tournaments during the summer?
Currently, we have several members playing is a soft tip league at Airway Lanes on Monday Nights.
We also have several individuals who have accumulated ADO points at tournaments.

Women:          Region Rank    National   (Points)
Carol Dobek         5th          270th      (24)   

Steve Barchus       3rd          215th      (48)
Scott Arkles        6th          480th      (24)
Mike Dobek          6th          480th      (24

Also, in soft-tip news, our very own Jeremiah Millar has become a World Champion.  Jeremiah attended the Bullshooter World Championships in Chicago over the Memorial Weekend Holiday. 

1st - Men's 501 Singles - World Champion!!!
2nd - Top Gun Men's Singes
5th/6th - Mens 501 Doubles
25th/32nd - Mixed Cricket Doubles with Jana Baringer
9th/12th - Mixed Triples 701 with Jana Baringer
5th/6th - Men's Cricket Doubles

I believe Michael and Jacquelyn Boughner, and Steve Barchus were also in attendance at the Bullshooter.

There were teams and individuals represented from the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Portugal.

Congratulations to all
Michael Abbott
ADO Rep. 4-4

PS-My apologies to anyone I may have missed

Love our Sponsors!
The North Oakland Darting Association is a "Traveling" Dart League that depends on Bars & Clubs to sponsor our teams and provide us with a place to play our game of Darts each Monday night during our Dart Seasons.  These Bars & Clubs do not only cater to us but also must mostly rely on their regular customers who patronize and support these venues all thru the week and not just on Monday nights.  In order to stay in business our Venues must provide entertainment that all customers want so that they want to be "customers".  Sometimes this entertainment gets in our way but we as a League must be respectful of our Venues and other customers so that our Venues can stay in business and be willing to host our League.

Bar Round Elimination:
Beginning January 1, 2011 NODA teams will no longer request "Bar Rounds" from our Sponsors.

League Problems or Questions:
If you have a problem, question or request pertaining to your team or the League, the person to call for a resolution is your DIVISION COORDINATOR.
If your Division Coordinator is unable to assist you they will forward your situation on to the Rules Chairperson for a resolution.
If the Rules Chairperson is unable to resolve your issue it will be forwarded on to the Vice President or the President for a resolution.
This procedure must be followed in order for the situation to be resolved by the appropriate Officers and your Board.
The Statistician has been directed to no longer accept such calls and to inform you to call your Division Coordinator with your request.  Please do not bother calling him.

Did you know...that Stacy Bromberg, from Las Vegas, just became the first women's World Dart Champion on Saturday, July 24th?  Stacy defeated the heavily favored Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia) in the semi finals to play Tricia Wright from England in the finals.  The match was the first to 6.  Stacy shot first and won the first game.  After 4 games, it was tied, 2-2.  Tricia found her stroke and took a commanding 5-3 lead over Stacy.  Then Stacy caught on fire, winning 3 in a row, and checking out a 92 for the first women's World Championship of darts.  Congratulations to Stacy Bromberg.

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know...
there are THREE contacts you need to make when rescheduling a match?  Obviously the first is your opponents.  The next should be Joe Martin.  He needs to be contacted so he doesn't wait on your score sheets, thus holding up the stats from coming out on time.  The last one most people forget; it's the venue you're shooting at!  Many bars make special accomodations (such as not scheduling parties or bringing in extra wait staff) for our dart league.  If you know you're not going to shoot a regularly scheduled match, please make sure you contact the venue and let them know.

 Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know..."Bar-Rounds" are not a requirement from a sponsoring bar?  The free bar-round many bars offer is a courtesy and thank-you from the bar itself.  The bar is not obligated to give you these rounds, thus, they are allowed to make their own rules regarding these drinks.  NODA does not require bars to supply bar-rounds in order to become a sponsor.  If you are unsure of what the rules are for bar-rounds, please ask the wait staff
before you make any assumptions.  Also, don't forget to tip your wait staff.  The same effort goes into serving those drinks, whether you are charged for them or not.

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

The Liquor Commission Rule covering the giving away of liquor is below...

436.2025 Giving away alcoholic liquor; samplings or tastings of alcoholic liquor; sales to intoxicated persons prohibited; inadmissibility of breathalyzer or blood alcohol test results.
Sec. 1025.
(1) A vendor shall not give away any alcoholic liquor of any kind or description at any time in connection with his or her business...

Did you know...that I do not have the answers to all the ADO rules questions?  Right now, most of you are laughing at this and thinking, wait a minute; didn't he already do this one?  Well, I'm pulling a zinger on you.  Not only do I not know the answers to all the questions, but neither does your NODA board.  However, this has not stopped any of us from running for a board position (or accepting an appointment).  All of us on the current board are or were shooters in the league, just like you.  We saw an opportunity to help the league in some way or another and stepped up to the challenge of being on the NODA board.  Once again, it's coming up to election time.  At any time, you can always make suggestions to the board for new ideas.  But, how about getting a little more active and actually running for a position?  It really does not take that much time.  We have a monthly meeting that typically runs 90-120 minutes where we discuss old and upcoming events.  The two biggest events are the mid-year and year-end banquets, which run smooth with just a little effort.  The ADO rep. handles the '01 and Cricket qualifiers.  This is merely setting up a venue with enough boards (2 phone calls) and running the tournaments the day of the events.  Why not make this your year to step up to the opportunity to help form the future of the NODA?

 Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know...that part of your NODA dues goes towards playing in the ADO All Star '01 and Cricket qualifiers?  Whether you play or not, you're still paying for an entry fee into both of those tournaments.  Now, you're asking yourself, why should I shoot?  I know I can't win.  First off, you can only get better by playing people who are better than you.  Next, of course you can't win..... unless you play!  Now I'm sounding like a lottery dealer.  For those that don't think they can win, ask Mike Dobek, Tim Jones, or Chris Paton.  These are all recent past winners of our local qualifiers.  They were able to practice and step up their game on qualifying day and advance to the regionals.  Shooting at these events also gives you an opportunity to gauge you against the leagues best players.  How often have you watched a sporting event where the announcer said something like "this is a game they had marked on their calendar" or "this game is going to be a good gauge of how the team stands up to the playoff contenders"?  These events allow you to do that.  They are also a good educational experience.  Watching the strategy helps you become a better player.  It shows you options in games you may not have thought of.

Even if you choose not to go to regionals, just think about the experience and quality practice you'll get by playing in an all day tournament.  Now that the tournaments are at Airway, we don't have setup, which allows for more practice time before the event and gets us out of the venue earlier (often before 6 pm!).   I have also set both qualifiers for this spring, so you should be at your best.  The '01 is April 17th, and the Cricket is Sunday, May 2nd.  I'm hoping that by having both events near the end of our season, we'll get more players involved, as you should be "on your best game" this time of the season. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about these events, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Michael Abbott
ADO Rep. NODA 4-4

Do You Know...who Moe Crook, Larry Kantzer, Phil Siedl, and Lutz Curry were?  Other than past players in the NODA who have events named after them, many of us don't know who they were, including me.  The NODA board would like you to share any information you have on these (or any other) past members you may have.  Please help preserve their memories as well as the NODA history.  Just send Joe Martin an email with any information or stories you'd like to share about your history with the NODA, even if it's just a memory of one special night of shooting.  Any and all information/stories are welcomed.

Michael Abbott

Did You Know...that I do not have the answers to all the ADO rules questions?  Right now, most of you are laughing at this and thinking, well DUH!  But this simple statement leads me into a rather deep discussion about rules.  First off, not only do I not have all the answers, but after doing some lengthy research, I have discovered neither does the National ADO board!  The scenario I will discuss in this article actually took place a couple of weeks ago in one of my matches.  The lack of an immediate answer led me on one of the most exhaustive searches I have ever taken to find the correct answer to a simple ADO rules question, or so I thought.

Here is what happened.  My team is at home and I am shooting 301 double in/double out.  This means the other team is chalking.  I shoot my first dart at a double 10.  It is right on the wire, but I cannot tell if it is in or out.  I ask the chalker what is shot.  Note; you should always ask, "What is shot?", not "Is it in?" or "Is it a double/triple?".  Why?  Because if you're shooting at a double 10 and it's in the double 15, and you ask the chalker "is it a double?" technically the chalker should respond, "Yes!".  This would be unsportsmanlike, but nonetheless, correct.  Getting back onto the subject.  The chalker replies "Double 10".  I then shoot my next two darts at the triple 20.  So far, this seems fairly straightforward.  But, this is where it gets interesting.  The first dart was OUT!  Uh oh...now what?  I did a quick search of the rules and could not find anything specific regarding this type of situation, so we defaulted to rule #1 "Good Sportsmanship will be the prevailing attitude throughout the tournament." (or in this case, league match).  The other team let me rethrow the round and fortunately, I hit the double 10 on the first dart.

Now, we were able to work this out, but what does the ADO have to say about this specific situation?  Well, as my 2-week inquiry has resulted in... nothing.  That's right, this is one of those situations that falls between the cracks of the rules.  I have consulted about 20 different people, from our league darters, to league board members, to other league darters; to some of the nations best darters, and even the ADO board itself.  All of them have different opinions, of which they mainly fall into 2 categories.  First, apply rule #1 (see above).  The other opinion is to acknowledge that the chalker is the "official of the match" and what the chalker says, goes.  Also, it is always the ultimate responsibility of the DARTER to verify his score (and for that matter, shot).  Following that second opinion, the chalker should have marked my initial round as a "60 in" and continued the game.  At the end of the game, if I won, it would be the right of my opponent to protest the game to the tournament director.  At that point, the tournament director would need to make a ruling.  This could be a problem, as different tournament directors may rule different on what should be done.

As a result of this incident, the National ADO board will be discussing this scenario (as well as others, I'm sure) in April.  Hopefully in the near future, there will be a definitive answer.  For now, these are my recommendations.

1.  Trust the chalkerís call.
2.  If the chalker makes an error in the call, follow rule #1 (no matter which team is chalking), and retake all 3 darts. 
3. All chalkers should carefully check where a dart has landed, IF AND ONLY IF, the thrower asks you to check.  This may mean taking a step or two towards the board or even standing directly in front of the board to confirm.  This is ok, as the thrower has asked you for a confirmation of the throw.  The thrower needs to be patient with the chalker.  After all, you weren't able to clearly tell what the shot was, so the chalker may not be able to see the throw clearly from their view either.

Michael Abbott
ADO Rep. NODA 4-4

Did you know...that the "dart throwers motion" is unique to human beings?  This motion, in its early stages, allowed humans to throw spears and use certain hammer-like tools.  The motion uses similar movements to fly-fishing and conducting an orchestra.  Traditional recovery for wrist injuries and surgeries currently include lengthy immobilizations.  However, new tests show that the "dart throwers motion" can be used for therapy shortly after some wrist surgeries and injuries.  Who knew that throwing a dart could someday become wrist therapy? 

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

 Dr. Rohde, Dr. Crisco, Dr. Wolfe.  "The Advantage of Throwing the First Stone: How Understanding the Evolutionary Demans of Homo Sapiens Is Helping Us Understand Carpal Motion."  Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons January 2010: 51-58

Did you know...
that while corking (to determine who shoots first at the beginning of a match), if the 2nd shooter dislodges the first dart, BOTH players shoot again, but in reverse order of the original shot?  For example, player A shoots a single bull on the cork.  Player B shoots a double bull, but also knocks out player A's dart.  Both players would shoot again, with player B shooting first.  Also, at an ADO sanctioned tournament, if someone is corking and their dart sticks on the board, but OUTSIDE the double ring, it counts as their shot?  (Rule #24).  Of course, their opponent could invoke rule #1 and allow them to rethrow.  What is rule #1 of the official ADO Tournament rules?  "Good Sportsmanship shall be the prevailing attitude throughout the tournament."

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know....the ADO (American Dart Organization) originated right here in Detroit, MI?  A meeting was held in August of 1975 at  the Michigan Open Dart Tournament in Detroit to lay the foundation for what is now the ADO.   The ADO officially formed on January 1, 1976 with 30 charter clubs, including the Wolverine Dart Association (here in the Detroit area).

Our league, the North Oakland Darting Assoc. is a member of the ADO, which in turn, is a member of the World Darts Federation.  We are not affiliated with the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation).

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know...
it is the responsibility of the thrower to confirm their score PRIOR to removing their darts from the board? (ADO Rule #38).  Once a single dart is removed, the score will stand, even if it is later deemed incorrect.  When two players must chalk their own game, it is customary to wait a moment to allow your opponent time to confirm what you threw and the score you wrote down.  When I play in tournaments, I announce my score, out loud, as I'm walking to the board.  That gives my opponent a bit longer to confirm/deny my score.  This is not required, but merely etiquette.  If a dart breaks the wire and is touching two or more scoring sections, the score shall be the HIGHEST value (ADO Rule #37).  The thrower does not get to choose which score they want.

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know... 
once your third dart is thrown, your score becomes official once the first of either  A) the chalker calls your score or B) five seconds elapses? (ADO Rule #35).   For example, you throw your third dart and it's barely hanging in; the chalker immediately calls your score of 45 and two seconds later the darts falls out.  Your score is 45.  In the same example, the chalker is having problems adding and your dart falls out of the board after about 7 seconds.  Your score would still be 45, as five seconds had elapsed.  Still using the same example, you throw your third dart, the chalker does not call your score, and your dart falls out after three seconds; your score would be the total of the two remaining darts in the board.  For a dart to count, the tip must be TOUCHING the bristle of the board (note: it does not have to be IN the board, merely touching the bristle).  No dart may be touched prior to the decision of the chalker (ADO Rule #34).

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know...
a chalker is only allowed to tell the thrower what was just thrown or the total of the darts thrown or the total score left?  Per ADO rules, the chalker may NOT advise the thrower what to throw at.  However, in the interest of fair play (ADO Rule #1), if both teams agree to allow the chalker to advise his team what to throw, it is permissable.  At an ADO tournament, a teammate, partner, OR SPECTATOR, is allowed to advise the thrower what to shoot at (Rule #33).

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA

Did you know...?
my name is Michael Abbott and I am the league ADO representative.  I will be writing a weekly article regarding the rules and history of darts.

Did you know....that Phil Taylor (England) just won his record breaking 15th World Championship this past weekend?  He defeated a relative newcomer, Simon Whitlock (Australia).  Simon has just been asked to join the PDC Premier League as a wild card.
Click Here to watch the final leg.

Did you also know (bonus!)...that there are TWO "World Champions" every year in the sport of darts?  The two major, competing, factions are the BDO (British Darts Organisation) and the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation).  Each lay claim to a "World Champion" every year.

Michael Abbott
ADO Representative - NODA