Forms to use to figure your Cricket Averages

The Chalker must add up each shot (Triple = 3, Double = 2, Single = 1, or a shot that doesn't count for anything = 0), like he does for an 01 game now, and call out the total for the turn so that the scorekeeper at the desk can write down the value of each turn.

For example: If the 1st shot was a useable triple, the second shot was a useable double and the 3rd shot didn't count for anything the value of that turn would be 3+2+0 = 5.  If you shot a triple, triple and double the value of the turn would be 3+3+2 = 8.  If you shot a single, double and single the value of the turn would be 1+2+1 = 4.  If none of your shots in the turn counted the value of your turn would be 0.
When the turn is completed and before the darts are pulled, the Chalker calls out the value of the the turn and the Scorekeeper at the desk enters the appropriate turn value in the box under the number of the turn in the game.  To calculate what your cricket average for that game is you add up the values of the turns and divide by the number of turns.  This is just like the scoring in an 01 game except the numbers shot are a lot smaller and easier to add together.

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