Dart Terms

# Count/# Mark - The number of scoring darts in cricket (ie. an 8 count/mark would be 2 triples and 1 double, a 5 count/mark could be 1 triple and 2 singles/two doubles and 1 single/1 triple and 1 double)
Ace(s) - The double one in '01
Arrows - Slang for darts
Bag O' Nuts - Scoring 45 points in a throw
Barn Dart - The third dart of a throw that hits the target you were aiming at that the first two darts missed
Barrel - The metal portion of the dart (where you grip the dart)
Bed - A section of a number
Bed & Breakfast - Scoring 26 points in one throw when hitting a single 20, a single 1 and a single 5 (a British term)
Black Hat - Hitting 3 double bulls in one turn
Black Dog - The double bull
Bombs/Bombers - Very large or heavy darts
Bones - When you have a double 1 left to win the game (usually displayed on the board with an 'X')
Bull - The center most part of the board, the area is divided into two sections (the single & double bull)
Bull Out - Winning a game with a double bull
Bull Up - Throwing at the bull to decide which player will throw first
Bust(ed) - Scoring too many points when trying to finish an '01 game
Chalk(ing) - Keeping score
Chips - Scoring 26 points in a throw
A 'Classic' - Scoring 26 point in a throw by hitting a single 5, single 20 and a single 1
Cork (noun) - The bulls eye
Cork (verb) - closest to bull within scoring surface. used for determining the 1st player in a match.
Cracked - Hitting a single when aiming at a double
Dead - Describes hitting the exact amount required
Dead Eye - 3 Double bulls in 1 turn
Diddle for the Middle - Throwing at the bull to decide which player will throw first
Dirty Darts - Derogatory slang for questionable tactics (like scoring excessive points in Cricket)
Downstairs - The lower portion of the dart board
Double Bull/Cork - The center portion of the bulls eye
Double In (DI) - Hitting the double area of a number to start a game of '01
Double Out (DO) - Hitting the double of a number to win a game of '01
Double Top - The double 20
Dust - Dart lands outside the scoring area
Eights - Slang for the 18s in Cricket
Easy In/Out - Not having to hit a double to start a game of '01 (in) or having to hit one to end it (out)
Fallout - Slang for hitting a scoring dart while missing the number you were throwing at (like hitting the 16 in Cricket when you were really aiming at the 19)
Fat - The largest porting of a number (the area between the double and triple ring)
Fat Bull - The entire bull is worth 50 points
Fives - Slang for the 15s in Cricket
Flight - The 'feathers' of the dart which makes the dart more aerodynamic
Freeze Rule - In team 301 play (soft tip), a player may go out and win only if their partners score is equal to or less than the combined scores of the opposing team. It can apply to all team '01' games.
Galed - Termed used when playing any dart game and being shutout of points.
Game On - A call for silence at the start of the game
Game Shot - The winning shot
Good Group - A compliment for tight, accurate throwing
Hail Mary - The third dart that miraculously scores a high triple where the first two combined scored low
Happy Meal - A score of 69
Hat trick - Scoring all three darts of a turn in the bull
High Ton - Scoring between 151-180 points in a game of '01
Hockey - The throw line
Leg - A game in a match, as "the best of five legs", in which each leg is an entire game
Little/Small - The single bed between the bull and the triple
Low Ton - Scoring between 100-150 points in a game of '01
Madhouse - Double 1 or 1 double 1 to win a game of '01
Mugs Away - The losers go first in the return game
Nines - Slang for the 19s in Cricket
Oche - The throw line (pronounced 'ockey')
Patriot - hitting a needed trip or bull with your first dart
Pie - Any of the numbered segments on the dart board
Point Mongering - Derogatory term for shooting excessive points, usually in Cricket
Premature Projection - When you get excited and throw out of turn
'Right There' - Phrase used when a thrower just misses what he/she was aiming at 
Round - Any 3 dart turn
Round of 9 - Throwing three triples in one turn
Route 66 - Scoring 66 points in a throw
Sandbagging- Playing below your average to gain an advantage over your opponent then throwing your ability when they are off guard
Score Whore - Same as "Point Monger/Dirty Darts"
Scud - Same as "Fallout"
Sergeant - Used in the game of Rotation - scoring three successive numbers in the three darts of a throw to win a free turn
Sevens - Slang for the 17s in Cricket
Shaft - The portion of the dart that holds the flight
Shanghai - Hitting a triple, double, and single of the same number in the same throw
Shooting for the Cork/Bull - Throwing at the bull to decide which player will throw first
Single In (SI) - Starting a game of '01 without having to hit a double first
Single Out (SO) - Ending a game of '01 without having to hit a double
Sixes - Slang for the 16s in Cricket
Spider (Web) - The dart board wire assembly which forms the beds
Splash/Splashing - Throwing two darts at a time to determine partners before a game. Both darts must score and that score is calculated. The people throwing the highest and lowest scores are partners, the next to highest and next to lowest are partners and so on.
Straight On - Starting a game of '01 without having to hit a double
Straight Off - Ending a game of '01 without having to hit a double
Sunset Strip - Scoring 77 points in a throw
Three in a Bed - Throwing all three darts in the same number
Ton - Scoring 100 points in a throw
Ton # - Scoring 100+ points in a throw (Ton 40 would be 140 points)
Ton 80 - Scoring 3 triple 20's in a throw
Tops - The double 20
Trombones - Scoring 76 points in a throw
Trophy Darts - A compliment for tight, accurate throwing
Two & 6 - Scoring 26 points in a throw
Two Fat Ladies - Scoring 88 points in a throw
Upstairs - The upper portion of the board
Wet Feet - Having 2 or 3 feet across the throwing line
White Horse - Scoring three triples in Cricket (in some leagues, it has to be 3 different scoring triples)
Wilson - missing all 3 darts in Cricket (a flat line)  
Woody - Dart lands outside the scoring area