North Oakland Darting Association

Youth Dart League

This Youth League will hold all of it's matches at

Waterford Lanes
7100 Cooley Lake Rd
Waterford, MI 48327

To be 4 Person teams, 2 under 18 years of age and 2 over 18 years of age if we have enough players.

Board members will assign teams.  This way we can try to pair up players that are new with experienced dart players.

Players will rotate chalking and paperwork. With the exception of the last game no player will be playing and doing paperwork or chalking.

Non current NODA members - $36.00 annual fee per adult for both the Fall and Winter seasons.  $20.00 per adult to play in either the Fall or Winter season only.  Under 18 plays for free when playing with a paid adult member.  Current NODA members play for free with their child.

The Fall season to run 8 weeks and the Winter season to run 8 weeks, playing every other week.

Placement plaques/trophies to be given for the places 1st and 2nd.

All players to receive a participation award/trophy at the end of the season.

Personal accomplishment awards will be given out for a variety of different achievements.

Youth players must shoot 6 out of 8 weeks in each of the Fall and Winter season to qualify for trophies and awards for that season.

Adjustments to games to be made as needed as youth levels increase.

Youth League Rules

1.  All members will ensure that proper behavior and sportsmanship are the FIRST priority in the League.

2.  All youth players will be between the ages of 7 and 18 at Dec 1st of the year of play.  This rule was changed January 2009 to state that any player currently playing may do so as a youth till the end of season their 19th year of age.

3.  All teams will be made up of 2 players under 18 and 2 players over 18.

4.  All paperwork must be signed off on by both Captains.

5.  No Swearing or Profanity.

6.  No drinking of alcohol.

7.  Games will be called a forfeit if teams are more than 15 minutes late.

8.  League fees are to be paid to a Board Member prior to the first night of shooting.

9.  Due to liability and possible injury, no siblings are to be in attendance unless they can sit and be non-disruptive to other dart players.  (running, yelling, playing in front of the boards etc…)


Game Format Quick Overview

Refer to the NODA Rules

1.  Games will be 501 Straight in, Double out for the 3rd Division.  1st and 2nd Division play 301 di/do, 501 and Cricket.

2.  Cricket games will be played with a maximum of 200 points accumulated for 2nd and 3rd Division.  1st Division shall keep all points within 200 of their opponent.

3.  Adults in cricket will be allowed 3 marks per round; after 3 marks the adults are done throwing even if they have darts left in their hand.

    Example: 1 dart = a triple mark    or    3 darts = 3 single hits

4.  01 games will be played with the adult shooting until the out is 50 then the youth shooters will take over until both players have brought their score below 30.  Once both scores are below 30 the youth shooters will have 5 rounds at the out.  If the out is not taken in 5 rounds the youth shooters may single out in 3rd Division.  1st and 2nd Division must double out.

5.  There will be a total of 5 games played per day in the 3rd Division, 7 games in the 2nd Division and 9 games in the 1st Division.  The games will be a combination of Cricket and 01.  Starting order of the game to be determined by throwing for the bull.  The youth player throws for the bull.  The winner goes 1st.

6.  All scores over 100 to be noted at the bottom of score sheets.  Cricket marks of 6 and higher will also be noted.

7.  Players shall stand with both feet behind the dart line.

8.  A player shooting out of turn will lose their turn and the score will not be counted.

9.  All darts must stick in the board to count.

10.  Any darts that bounce out are considered thrown and may not be re-thrown.

11.  All players must stand 2 ft. away from the shooter at the line.

12. All scores must be added and written down prior to pulling darts from the board.

13. Scores are to be called out so that the other team doing paperwork may have an accurate score for the sheets.

14. Any disputes about the game or game action shall be directed to the League coordinators.

13. The number one rule that gets forgotten the most....GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AT ALL TIMES.  DARTS START AND FINISH WITH A HANDSHAKE!!!!