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The meeting was hosted at Mary Ann Schick's home.  Those present were Mike Evans, Carol Dobek, Lynn McClelland, Vickie Weber, Joe & Sher Martin, Rich McClelland, Mary Ann Schick, Jeff Chapel, Michael Abbott and Rhea Thomas.

The meeting began at 7:30 with the acceptance of the minutes from the 11/3/09 Board meeting.  The Treasurer's report was accepted as read.

The stereo and chaffing dish will be returned to Rich from Sandi Quaine.

Christi's team is not playing.  They are not faxing in their sheets and want to be in 3rd Division.  They have some issues with the rules.  Lynn will write them a letter explaining how their forfeiting affects the teams that they are playing.

Rod Roenicke would like to be "Board Inspector".  He is on Vickie Weber's team.  He will work with Mike Evans for the first couple of bars.

A possible date for the State '01 Tournament to be the second weekend of April.

Midyear menu decided.  This information to be given to Vickie Weber who will pass it on to Sheila at Dad's Deli.

All information and money on teams playing in the Winter League must be to Joe by 12/26/09.  The first night of play for this League is 1/4/10.  Packet pickup is at 4 pm at Airway Lanes on 1/3/10.

Midyear Raffle will consist of (1) a Free Membership for the 2010/2011 dart season (2) a dart supply voucher from Michael Williams or Bill Penn (3) 2 dart gift certificates of $35.00 each (4) a $100.00 Visa Card that Joe will purchase.

The Youth League will do a 50/50 at our Midyear.

Michael Abbott mentioned that both ADO shoots are in the Spring.  He mentioned that in order to get an '01 Average Award, 25 games need to be played.  He suggested to amend this.  His thought was to have 2 games per night of each '01 and/or Cricket to get an award.  This would be a minimum play to win this award.  This should start with January's play and the rule can be found on the web site (Rule 5-C).

Youth League Report (Vickie Weber)
The Youth League Banquet is 12/19/09.  They will have pop and pizza.  Trophies are from Bud's Pro Shop.  The 3rd Division is doing much better.  The League will be electing new officers.

The meeting ended at 9:00 pm with the next meeting scheduled for 1/12/10 at Airway Lanes.

Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary


The meeting started with these persons in attendance: Joe & Sher Martin, Jeff Chapel, Michael Williams, Mike Evans, Scott & Stacie Burgess, Vickie Weber and Rhea Thomas.  Excused were Rich & Lynn McClelland and Mary Ann Schick.  Absent but reported: Michael Abbott.

Jeff Chapel will run the meeting in Rich's absence.

The Treasurer's report was read and accepted.

The Minutes were read and accepted.

The "New Player" incentive is on the website.

Complaint Chain - The fact that it is important for all captains as well as other players to read the League Rules will be brought up at the Banquet by our President.  Rules such as the chain of command for play issues on Dart Night should be discussed.  You should call your Division Coordinator, then the Rules Chairperson.

Youth League Report:
Youth League shirts can still be ordered.  Thirty one have been ordered to date.  Remember, they were designed by our youth!  The Halloween party went great!!  The 3rd Division has 4 youths in it and is getting better.  A local Boy Scout group has inquired about joining the Youth League.

Scott Burgess will call Sandi about our Stereo and chaffing dish.

Michael Williams is resigning his position as Board Inspector as he is moving out of the immediate area.  We need a new person to take over his duties.

There was much discussion about forming a partnership with Wolverine (Bill Penn) for the State '01 Tournament.  Many of us liked the idea but insist that it needs to be a 50/50 work load.  They would like to push for the first meeting to be at Airway which is where the Tournament would be held.

The next meeting will be held at Mary Ann Schick's home on 12/8/09.  Bring a dish to pass and a $10.00 gift to exchange.  If you bring a gift you get a gift.

Happy Holidays!!
The meeting ended at 8:55.

Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary


The meeting began at 7:30 with these persons present:  Rhea Thomas, Mary Ann Schick, Joe and Sher Martin, Vickie Weber, Rich, Lynn & Floyd McClelland, Mike Evans, Jeff Chapel, Scott Burgess, Chuck Parrott, Frank Benning and Michael Abbott.

The Treasurer's report was read and accepted.  Expenditures in the future are as follows:  Plaques for the entire year to get a discount and score sheets for the nights play per division.

The Minutes of the 8/4/09 meeting were read and accepted.

Old Business:
All Star - Jeremiah Millar came in 17th place in the Finals of the All Star Challenge & 501 Singles Championship held August 7-9 in Stamford CT.

Lynn brought up the importance of the rule that states that a player can only receive an award if enough games have been played in the season. (Rule 5-D) That amount is 25 games.

Sandi and Doug Quaine have the League's stereo and a large chafing dish.  They will bring it to Monday's dart night.

There was some discussion about the rescheduling rule (12-D).  It is up to the team that wins the forfeit.

Point System - Voting for the 1 point system must be done before the Mid Year Banquet as the next season starts before the Banquet.  Voting can be done via Fax, Email or by secret ballot sent to Joe's address.  You will have 3 weeks to do this after the ballet is issued.

New Business:
Discussion on a new rule - a Team must have a paid sponsor and 3 paid players in order to be put on the schedule for the season.  This payment is needed no later than one week prior to the printing of the Schedule.

New Player Incentive - There was a proposal for new players from Vickie Weber.  She passed around her idea that states "The economy is not good right now and many players have had to make many changes do to jobs being lost, pay cuts, etc.  I have come up with an idea to help those players and build our League.  Bring in new players and get $10.00 off your dues per player.  Bring in a whole new team and get your dues paid for.  A new team consists of 5 players (4 players and you).  A new player is a player that has not shot in our League before or a player that has been gone 5 years or more."  There was some discussion and it was left for us to think about.

Rule Change - Discussion switched to the possible change of Rule 10-D.  The change would be The player has the option to play 3 games or sit out when others on the team are playing.  This change gives the player the power, not the Captain.  This discussion was tabled.

Youth League Report:
Chaos in the 3rd Division.  There may only be 2 teams when all is said and done.  The 1st and 2nd Divisions are doing great.  They have a solid Board which will be re-elected mid year.  The Youth League asks to implement a Facebook page for darts.  After some discussion the Adult Board decided that the NODA does not authorize the use of any of its proprietary information on Social Networking without the approval of NODA.  The Adult Board agreed and it was approved.

The next meeting will be held at Airway Lanes on November 3, 2009.

The meeting ended at 9:00 pm
Sincerely submitted,
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary



Persons present: Vickie Weber, Mary Ann Schick, Rhea Thomas, Joe & Sher Martin, Michael Abbott, Jeff Chapel and Rich McClelland.

We will give $100.00 to Jeremiah Millar for the All Star '01 shoot.

The Treasurer's report was read and accepted.

Mary Ann Schick is 2nd Division Coordinator.  Possible other coordinators could be Mike Evans and Scott Burgess.

Sandi and Doug Quaine have the League's stereo and will bring it to Monday's meeting.

On Sept. 19, 2009 there will be a Cricket Shoot at Airway.

Jeff Chapel requested cricket stats to be posted.  The player can keep his own stats or a teammate could do it for him.  The Board could  implement it for trial in the Fall Season.

The meeting ended at 8:20.

Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary


The meeting started with these persons in attendance:  Rich McClelland, Jeff Chapel, Vickie Weber, Joe and Sher Martin, and Rhea Thomas.  Lynn McClelland and Mary Ann Schick were both ill and excused.

Joe read the Treasurer's report and it was accepted.

The Secretary's report was absent due to illness.

Entry Fees - The Board will increase Player dues to $60.00 per year with the Board members paying $5.00 per year.

Youth League per Vickie:
Their banquet was very enjoyable.  They did a Hi/Low and the youths loved it.  There will be 22 teams next year??

New Business
We need coordinators for the 1st and 3rd divisions.  Mary Ann Schick is the 2nd Division coordinator.  some possibilities are Ruben Flores, Mike Evans and Scott Burgess.

With the boards available at Airway there can be an In House League.  The Board told Frank that we would buy Dry Erase boards from Airway for NODA.  Frank was made aware that new dart boards are needed upstairs.

Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas,
NODA Secretary


The meeting started at 7:30 pm with these persons in attendance: Mary Ann Schick, Lynn McClelland, Vickie Weber, Joe & Sher Martin, Jeff Chapel, Mike Evans, Rich McClelland, Carol Dobek, Michael Abbott and Steve Pincombe.

The Minutes were accepted as read.

The Treasurer's report was accepted as read.

?? thanked the Board for his opportunity to continue with the adult League.  Multiple people have seen the attitude change in ??, for the better!  Rich stated that it is a privilege to be in our League not a right.  ?? agreed.

Point System - Rich has yet to write up his one point proposal.  He will have it ready by the End of the Year Banquet.  If it is agreed upon it may start with the Winter League 2010.

Mary Ann Schick asked to clear up a rule.  Per a happening at the Moe Crook, her question was "Is your score based on dart point penetration or where the point ends up?"  The Ruling was: Points are based on dart point penetration only.

Youth League (Vickie) - New best for Youth League - a 140 IN!!  They will have a bake sale between 1 and 3 pm, a 50/50 on both Saturday and Sunday all at the State "01" Tournament.  They will have a can drive on March 14 also.  Wolverine League has put in a Youth Shoot for the State "01" Tournament.  We need to start a fund.  A suggestion was to raise dues to $60 for adults with the extra $3 going to the Youth League.  Also, a person could sponsor a Youth for $5 as an option.

Adult League Entry Fees   Adult League $ as follows: $55.00 membership + $2.00 to defray cost of adult ADO Tournaments + $3.00 for Youth League support for a total of $60.00 membership per year for the Adult League.  The Rule has now passed.

The State "01" Tournament is April 17-19th at Airway Lanes.  The $'s will be handled by either Airway, Bill Penn or Joe Martin exclusively.

There will be a meeting at 9:30 am at Airway Lanes on March 14th for the State "01" Tournament.

May 2, 2009 is our Year End Banquet to be held at Airway Lanes

Jon Ormiston is now the 3rd Division Coordinator,  not Rich McClelland.

Also, to wrap up the ?? incident, this letter was sent by Lynn McClelland to ??, dated 2/7/09.
This is a confirmation letter to inform you of the meeting on March 3, 2009 at Airway Lanes Lounge at 7:30 pm.  The Board of NODA would truly like to have you there to discuss the possibility of early reinstatement to our Monday night Adult League on a probationary status.
We have all noticed a great change in your actions and attitude.  Keep up the good work.
Yours Respectfully
Lynn McClelland, Rules Chairperson

April Tournaments
4 - NODA '01 Qualifier (American Legion)
17-19 State '01 (Waterford - Airway Lanes)
25 - NODA Youth League Banquet (Waterford - Airway Lanes)
25 - GLDT (Lansing)

May Tournaments
1-3  Cleveland Dart Extravaganza (Cleveland, Ohio)
2 - NODA Year End Banquet (Waterford - Airway Lanes)
16 - GLDT (TBD)
30 - GLDT (Finals - Flint)

The meeting ended at 9:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 7:29 with these persons in attendance:  Lynn McClelland, Mary Ann Schick, Vickie Weber, Carol Dobek, Scott Burgess, Joe and Sher Martin, Rhea Thomas, Rich McClelland, Steve Pincombe, Jeff Chapel, Michael Williams, Mike Burdett, Chris Malburg, Sr., Jon Ormiston.  This was a Captains meeting and notes were taken by Lynn McClelland thru the Treasurer's report with many thanks!!

The Secretary's report was read by Rich McClelland and approved by 1st - Lynn McClelland then 2nd - Vickie Weber.

The Treasurer's report was read and approved.

It was reported by Vickie that Airway may be bought out and no longer exist as we know it by May of 2010.  Her information came from Gary Benning.  Airway will do their best to stand by the teams (Bowling and Dart) that play out of Airway.

Youth League Report by Vickie Weber.  The stats for the Youth League are now being done by Joe and the kids love it!  The players are doing great with large outs and ins (such as a 104 in).  The League had their first Board meeting and opted to change some rules.  They spoke about fundraisers being bottle drives and car washes (where the girls have to wear no less than a one piece bathing suit).  Also, Kettering High School as been approached to possibly make Steel Tip Darts a school sport.  Someone will come out to view the process next week.

Youth ADO is very expensive but has been looked into.

Jeff Chapel did purchase a Laminator.

Dad's Deli of Airway Lanes will take care of any issues with the catering with our next banquet.  All financial issues have been resolved.

Michael Williams reported that ADO has changed the rule about darts (the ones you throw).  The need to be Fixed Points and no black tips.  International rules apply.

There was a request from Airway to please leave 3 tables for the soft tip dart league to use on Monday nights as they start later than NODA.  We all understood.

Joe mentioned that the Lutz Curry has only 2 weeks that it can be scheduled.  It is possible that there can be some double playing to speed up the process and have the third round played early on the day of the End of the Year Banquet.

Rich brought up a proposal to have the League go to a one point per game system.  There was some discussion.  No changes made at this time.

on 1/13/09 there was a special meeting to discuss the behavior of ??.  The Board and ?? listened to all the complaints from those concerned.  After all was said, ?? wholeheartedly apologized to the Board and the League, promising that these things will not happen again.

After he left the Board discussed in detail what the outcome should be.  The results were that ?? would be suspended from the Youth League until January 2010 and from the Adult League until May 34, 2009 (the day after our Banquet).

At this meeting (2/4/09) an apology letter from ?? was read.  Rich proposed to bring him back into the Adult League on probation.  A letter was sent dated 2/7/09 from Lynn McClelland stating the following:  ??, this is a confirmation letter to inform you of the meeting on March 3, 2009 at Airway Lanes Lounge at 7:30 pm.  The Board of NODA would truly like to have you there to discuss the possibility of early reinstatement of our Monday night Adult League on a probationary status.  We have all noticed a great change in your actions and attitude.  Keep up the good work.  Yours respectfully, Lynn McClelland, Rules Chairperson.

If all goes well at this meeting ?? will be allowed back to play on 3/9/09.

The meeting ended at 8:52.
Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas
NODA Secretary


The meeting started at 7:45 pm with these people in attendance: Rich and Lynn McClelland, Mary Ann Schick, Michael Abbott, Jeff Chapel, John Rumney, Ruben Flores, Joe and Sher Martin and Rhea Thomas.

The Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as read.

The Treasurer's Report was accepted as read.

The Mo Crook Tournament for the 3rd Division will be held at the newly remodeled Auburn Bar on Saturday, February 21, 2009.

Sportsmanship - There was much discussion about the un-sportsman like conduct of ??.  Specifically at Youth League functions, the Adult Mid Year Banquet and the first night of Adult Darts of the Winter league.  Jeff C., Vickie W., Lynn M., and others were witness to these events.  Lynn will draft a letter to be sent to ?? explaining this discussion and advising him that the NODA Board will be convening a meeting on 1/13/09 to determine his suspension from the Youth and Adult Leagues.  The letter will inform him of the time and place of the meeting so he can defend his actions.  This letter will be mailed ASAP to his home.

Rich will write a letter to Dad's Deli to address the fact that they made a mistake on the number of people to be served at our Midyear Banquet.  Some people did not eat and that should not be left unnoticed by Dad's Deli.

Jeff Chapel requested the Adult League buy laminate materials for a laminating machine he plans to purchase to be used by the Youth League.  The Board asked him to check the $ amount on these requested materials and get back to the Board with that information.

The next meeting will be at Airway Lanes on Wednesday 2/4/09 at 7:30 pm for a Captains Meeting.  A representative from each team is required to attend.

The meeting ended at 9:00 pm

Respectfully submitted
Rhea Thomas,
NODA Secretary