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Persons present: Joe & Sher Martin, Sandi & Doug Quaine, Vickie Weber, Lynn McClelland, Mary Ann Schick, Rhea Thomas and Ruben Flores.

The Minutes were read and accepted with the addition that Sandi Quaine was absent at the 11/7/07 meeting due to work obligations.

The Treasurers report was read and accepted.

Rhea nominated Don Paton's team for the sportsmanship award.

Vickie read the Youth League report.
1. Banquet on 1/6/08 at 11:30 @ Airway Lanes.
2. Mark Manual donated trophies for the Youth League.
3. Estimate for the food cost for the banquet was made.
4. T-shirts and jackets are in and look great.

Midyear Banquet - The adult banquet will offer a gift certificate from Mike Williams (C&M Darts), a NODA membership for next season, a gift certificate for Best Buy and some adult & youth T-shirts for the banquet raffle.

Chris Gavette will be Emailed about the Dart Backboard.

Mike Abbott suggested that we lower the acknowledgement for Great Shots down to 95.  The Board voted to leave it at 100.

The meeting ended at 9:30 with the next meeting being the packet assembly on 1/2/08

Respectfully submitted, Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary



Those present were: Joe & Sher Martin, Lynn McClelland, Rich McClelland, Ruben Flores, Vickie Weber, Mary Ann Schick and Rhea Thomas.

The meeting started with the Treasurers report which was read and accepted.
The Minutes were accepted as read.

Mike Williams' venue reports were turned in.  The reports were done well and the Board would like to hire him to do the job again next year.  This will be an appointed position done at the Captains Meeting at the seasons start.  The appointment is open to all who would qualify.  They would then be the Board Inspector General aka Big for short.

Collier Lanes, Paint Creek and Auburn Bar will be called by Lynn to discuss board regulations.

ADO Rep - Michael Abbott will be our ADO Rep.

Youth League report - Vickie

    1. The fee for the T's and jackets was submitted to Joe.

    2. Jeff chapel has been helping with the Youth League for one year and will receive next year's dart membership for free as a Board member.

    3. There will be 3 new teams next season.

    4. There is potential for a $5,000.00 vested scholarship for the Youth darters.

    5. Adult players with the youths will bay $36.00 for both seasons and $20.00 for one season.

    6. Vickie requested that the Youth League be allowed to sell their own 50/50 tickets at our Banquet for 2 hrs.  The proceeds would be used for their T's and jackets.  The Board said "Yes" to 3 youths, each with their parent(s).

    7. Vickie ordered 30 T's and jackets.  Extras to be sold at the Adult Midyear Banquet.

    8. The Youth Midyear/Christmas party will be on 12/22/07.  The Board supported Vickie's efforts with a $275.00 max for trophies and food for this event.

Midyear - The Adult League will have Ham, Beef, Red Skin Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and Carrot Cake at their Midyear Banquet.  Our Captains packet pick-up will be done at our banquet.  Raffle ticket prices will change for this event.  They will be 2 for $1.00 and 12 for $5.00.

Our Packet assembly will be on 1/2/08.

We will have our next meeting on 12/5/07 at Mary Ann Schick's home.  Please bring a $10.00 wrapped gift to exchange with one of your fellow Board members

The meeting ended at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary
Have a great day!



We're happy to report that NODA had a good turn out for our seasonal Captains’ Meeting. We would like to thank all the Captains and team representatives that attended the meeting. This meeting is intended for the teams or members to make suggestions that would improve our league. We accomplished some rule changes that are intended to speed up the pace of the night, so that those members who have to get up real early can finish sooner.

Beginning immediately:

We are eliminating the old Rule 10-D.  This is the rule that allows no more than 4 consecutive games by any player.  It is now possible to schedule a player to play in more than 4 consecutive games.

            We are adding the following 2 Rules:

Rule 10-G  At both Captain's discretion -  In order to allow folks to leave early if they have to get up early the next morning, we are allowing the last game (the 4 man 01 game) to be played in game position 5 on the score sheets and then continue on with game 5 on the score sheets becoming game 6 and so forth with the balance of the games to be played in the order they are printed on the score sheets.  It should be noted that if a player exceeds the maximum games allowed per night (Rule 10-B) and he is listed in this last 4 man '01 game the penalty for this infraction will be the point value of the 4 man '01 game and will be administered as per Rule 11.

Rule 10-H  At both Captain's discretion - During the night, if the next game to be played is a Cricket game the Cricket game may be played simultaneously on a separate board if a separate board is available and as long as it does not take a chalker or statistician away from an '01 game. This will shorten the night's play time because 2 games will be played simultaneously.

The next issue that was brought up was saving the league some money on postage and printing. As a result: Beginning with the Winter League, if you want the stats mailed to you, you’ll have to request it. As for everybody else stats can be downloaded from the website or received by Email.  They will arrive in your Email as an attachment in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format with the Email announcing that the Stats have been published to our web site.  You can save them, print them out or just view them. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer you can download the viewer free from the web site.

The third issue that was brought was board setups not being in compliance with the rules. It was decided with a unanimous vote that Mike Williams, V.P. of C&M Darts “The Dart Guy” is now NODA’s first B.I.G. (Board Inspector General) It was also decided that the league would give Mike a gas allowance for his duty. Be sure to let your venues know that Mike will be coming in and certifying the boards and that the venues can purchase new dart boards and throw-lines from Mike. At the November meeting Mike will present a report on what he found.

Just as a reminder, all members are welcome to attend all board meetings.

Thank You
NODA Board of Directors



NODA Board Meeting           7:55pm

Those present - Lynn McClelland, Joe & Sher Martin, Ruben Flores, Sandi Quaine, Vickie Weber, MaryAnn Schick.
Rhea Thomas excused due to out of the country.

Treasurers Report - Read and accepted.

Youth League-
Money from back board still owed from ??. Vickie Weber also has a board from the league, was that board going to be given to her for running the youth league???????
New rules being added to the youth league pertaining to siblings being brought. Safety issues were being addressed during the season. The board members will receive a copy once they are re-written. The tournament and banquet went great over 40 people showed for youth league. 

Mike Abbott is still a possibility for for our ADO Rep. Mike Abbott and Jimmy Smith discussed with Ruben at banquet new ideas for the ADO qualifier.
Should we add in that players who qualify for ADO events that we pay for have to reimburse the NODA for failing to show up?? This was brought up as we had it happen.

We may possibly have some new teams joining the NODA from the Milford area.

Adding an Additional League Night - 2nd night of league was brought up as a free benefit to the players of the NODA. There was great concern from the majority of the board that this would greatly affect our Monday night attendance, therefore it was voted that at this time it needs more planning and guidelines and maybe in the future it would work.

Next meeting will be at Tommy T's on our sign up night. That is August 13th.

Meeting called @ 9:25

Respectfully Submitted,

Vickie (fill in secretary for the night since Rhea was out of the country)


The meeting started at 8pm with these persons in attendance:  Sher and Joe Martin, Mary Ann Schick, Ruben Flores, Sandi Quaine and Rhea Thomas.

Banquet - The banquet is upcoming and these things have been gotten for the raffle:  $75.00 gift certificate for Best Buy, a dart membership, liquor basket, a dart board, and 4 gift certificates for a restaurant.  We will also have a used back board and light for sale at the banquet for $60.00.  Also, 10 practice (used) dart boards will be sold.  The money will help pay for the 10 new boards needed by the league.

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted as read.

The Treasurer Report was accepted as reported.

Adding an Additional League Night - Ruben proposed a second night of play in addition to the Monday night play.  This idea will be tabled.

The meeting ended at 9:25 .

Respectfully submitted,
Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary
Have a Great Day!


The meeting started at 8:04 at Tommy T's bar with these persons in attendance:  Ruben Flores, Sandi and Doug Quaine, Lynn and Rich McClelland, Vicki Weber, Mary Ann Schick, Rhea Thomas and Tommy T!

Joe Martin was excused.

Minutes from the last meeting were accepted at read.

Treasurer's report was accepted.

Youth league report-Vicki Weber

The Youth League is growing!  Another 10 have joined.  The parents like the way it is running.  The plan is to have a once a month face off (no adults) during the summer.  There are currently 28 trophies in reserve.  Vicki would like to give a trophy for their luck of the draw which would be tallied on a point system.  Their season ends on 5/12/07 which will be their banquet.  The adult league has voted to give Vicki $200.- to a max of $300. For the trophies and banquet needs.  Also, the adult league will pay for the t-shirt and jacket set up fee for printing.  The orders will be open to the adult league also!

Lynn would like to see the sportsmanship award reinstated.  We could possibly put it on the nomination ballet.

Ruben reported that the ADO shoot has been rescheduled for 4/7/07 .  The board voted down a $60.00 pay out for the Lutz tourney.

Venue Acknowledgement - Some venues are not holding up to their responsibilities.  Through much discussion, it was suggested to give the venues a responsibility contract or checklist.  Tommy T would like to see better trophies for recognition for the teams.  He feels the plaques with computer generated certificates is somewhat a slap in the face and do nothing exciting for the bar owner and his establishment.

After much discussion, the idea of giving just the computer generated certificate, no wooden plaque, to the winners, would save us a sizable amount of $.  This way we could increase the trophy for the bars.  Most players do not care if they get a plaque.

Another idea is to poll the players to see if they want a plaque if they win and we could plan for it.  This should be done at the beginning of the Fall/Winter season.

The senior board will step up to bat to check the venues to see if they are following league rules and to answer any questions about how we run the league.  The date will be settled after the meeting.  

Our coordinators are: 1st div. Mary Ann Schick
                                    2nd div. Lynn McClelland
                                    3rd div   Sandi Quaine

Rhea suggested that we have at hand the chronological dates of what is happening thru out the year.  This may avoid making double dates and separating the leagues in different directions.

The meeting ended at 10pm .  

Rhea Thomas, NODA Secretary
Have a great day!



The meeting started at 7:55 with these persons in attendance:  Joe and Sher martin, Vicki Weber, Ruben Flores, Sandi Quaine, Mary Ann Schick and Rhea Thomas.  Lynn McClelland excused.

  The minutes were accepted as read.

  The treasurer's report was accepted as presented.

  Youth league report-Vicki Weber
    The league is doing very well.  They now have 6 teams with more involvement upcoming.  They will be able to have 2 divisions of 5 teams each.  The youth would like shirts or jackets to promote there league.
     Also, a college scholarship of $50.00 or so was thought of.  Upon implementation, we would let it grow while we rethink the specifics of this idea.
     The banquet for the youth should be about $5.00 or $6.00 a youth.

It has been requested that the sportsmanship award be brought back to be given back at the end of the year banquet.  The board decided the go through the criteria for this award over the summer for implementation next year.

The '01 all star shoot will be on either 3/10 or 11, or 3/24 or 25 at American Legion.  All depends on availability.  The board agreed on these dates as acceptable.

The ADO would like us to host a sub-regional here.  We decided to table this idea until the ADO contacts us and we can talk to them as how to run such an event.

Ruben spoke of a fall expansion to the Highland and Troy areas.  Also Randy Whalen from 1st division will be on the board.

Venue Acknowledgement - Ruben also reported the bars want 1st and possibly 2nd place trophies/plaques displayed at their bars.  We spoke of the security of the trophies in the bars, (remembering the disappearance of the Moe Crook trophy).

The meeting ended at 9:25 with the next meeting scheduled for 3/7/07 at Tommy T's.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhea thomas, NODA Secretary
Have a great day!

The meeting started at 8:30 with these persons in attendance:  Sandi and Doug Quaine, Joe and Sher Martin, Lynn McClelland, Ruben Flores, MaryAnn Schick and Rhea Thomas.
The Midyear Banquet is coming up and a menu change is going to happen.  We will have roast beef instead of ribs. This is per Airway.
The minutes were read and approved.
The treasurer report was read and approved.
Vicki will e-mail Joe the amount needed for the youth league banquet.
Sandi talked to Frank at Airway about the happy hour prices for the mid year.  They will be the same as last year.
The rest of the meeting was for packet assembly.  Packet pickup will be at the banquet.
The meeting ended at 10pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Rhea Thomas, Noda Secretary
Have a great day!

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