North Oakland Darting Association

(Local Qualifier)

In order to compete in this tournament you must currently be on a NODA team or have paid a current Full Years Dues
There was NO COST ($0.00) for Paid Up NODA Members to enter this Tournament.

Read Michael Abbott's Requests about playing in this Tournament

This Local Qualifier was held Saturday
March 2
, 2013

Sign up started at 11:00 a.m.
Play started at 11:30 am Sharp!


John Anderson, Steve Barchus, Billy Born, Chad Chapel, Jeff Chapel, Mike Dobek, John Findlay, Tim Jones, John Judge, Rob Maison, Stu Pilcher, John Rumney, John Upham, Randy Whalen


Carol Dobek, Kim Heckman, Ariel Keffer, Lisa Jones, Holly McCathy, Andria Milez, Peggy Pollock, Barb Roberts, Debbie Snelling, Samantha Weber

Both Men's & Women's 01 Tournaments
Were held at:

Airway Lanes Bowling Center
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford MI 48328

Men's Winners
Rob Maison

Ladies' Winners
Andria Milez
Advance to the National Qualifier (Regionals) 

NODA local 501 All-Star Local Qualifier Wrap-Up
(Please read the important comments at the end of the article)

I'd like to thank the 14 men and 10 women (a record number of female players since I've taken oer as ADO rep.) who showed up to shoot at Airway Lanes this past Saturday for their time and efforts.  I'd also like to thank all the other people who showed up for support and especially those that helped chalk games.

We tried something new this event in the men's brackets; round-robin with chalkers for every game.  I discovered a format where, when you have 3/6or 9 players in a bracket, you can set it up to have a chalker for each game.  I thought I could convert this format so that it would work for 7 players also (2 matches with chalkers and a bye).  Unfortunately, I didn't check over my work and ended up creating duplicate matches.  The first 3 rounds ran quite well, but by the 4th match there were duplicate matches scheduled.  I had to rework the entire format on the fly, which created about a 30 minute delay.  I'm sorry things didn't work out as well as planned but I want to thank you all for your patience.  Unfortunately, I'm not really able to figure out any other way to guarantee a fair bracket with chalkers unless we have exactly 3/6/9 players in the bracket.  Therefore, for future events we will go back to the standard round robin formats we've used in the past. without chalkers.

Now for the good stuff...

The women were broken up into two groups of 5.  It was great to see several new faces shooting in the tournament and the entire Duckett's Pub #4 team!

The Diamonds:

Samantha Weber (3 wins), Carol Dobek (6 Wins), Barb Roberts (8 Wins), Holly McCarthy (3 Wins) and Lisa Jones (10 Wins).

Barb Roberts and Lisa Jones advanced to the second round in the afternoon.

The Hearts:

Kim Heckman (7 Wins), Peggy Pollock (7 Wins), Andria Milez (9 Wins), Ariel Keffer (2 Wins) and Debbie Snelling (5 Wins).

Andria and Kim Heckman advance.  Kim advanced on a tiebreaker against Peggy.

The men were broken up into two groups of 7.

The Spades:

John Findlay (13), John Judge (7), Mike Dobek (2)*, Rob Maison (17), Billy Born (5)*, Steve Barchus (6)* and Stu Pilcher (1)*.

Rob Maison and John Findlay advanced.

The Clubs:

John Rumney (4), Randy Whalen (7), Tim Jones (11)*, John Upham (14)*, Chad Chapel (1)*, Jeff Chapel (10)* and John Anderson (7)*.

John Upham and Tim Jones advance.

*Note: Players with an * next to their name did not play all the matches.  In both groups, the players realized the winners had already been decided.  Thus, in the interest of time, didn't play the final matches.

The Finals:

Women:  Andria Milez, Lisa Jones, Kim Heckman and Barb Roberts

Round 1: Andria 2 - Lisa 1,  Kim 2 - Barb 1

Round 2: Andria 3 - Barb 0,  Kim2 - Lisa 1

Round 3:  Andria 3 - Kim 0,  Lisa 2 - Barb 1

Totals: Andria (8), Kim (4), Lisa (4) and Barb (2).  Lisa chose to allow Kim to take 2nd place.

Congratulations to Andria Milez for winning this year's 501 All Star Qualifier

Men:  Tim Jones, John Findlay, Rob Maison and John Upham

Round 1: Tim 1 - Findlay 2,  Rob 2 - Upham 1

Round 2: Tim 0 - Rob 3,  Findlay 2 - Upham 1

Round 3: tim 1 - Upham 2,  Rob 2 - Findlay 1

Totals:  Rob (7), John Findlay (5), John Upham (4) and Tim Jones (2)

Congratulations to Rob Maison for winning this year's 501 All Star Qualifier.

Additional comments about the NODA ADO Qualifiers.

As we have done in the past, for every complete amount of 8 players, we send on 1 player (minimum one male & female).  As often is the case, we sometimes come just a little shy of reaching that 16th player.  There are no ADO rules that stipulate we must have 16/24 players to send qualifiers on.  This rule comes from the NODA and is a matter of finances.  Currently the NODA takes $2 from every player's dues, as well as $2 from each venue fee, per team, and sets it aside for ADO qualifiers.  We always send on a minimum of 4 players each year (2 for 501 and 2 for cricket) at a cost of $110/player to the National Qualifiers (formerly called "Regionals").  Our League has 118 players and 23 teams.  Therefore, we are only setting aside $282, but spending $440/year on ADO qualifiers.  The rest comes out of the NODA general funds.  If we send on additional players, those extra funds also come out of the general funds.  While the Board has accepted these additional costs as a part of running the League, we really can't afford to keep sending many additional players.  We need to find additional sources of income in order to send more players on.  We've thrown around ideas such as sponsorships.  I did try this idea 3 years ago.  The two main issues at that time were that sponsors didn't feel they were getting enough exposure to make a sponsorship worthwhile and that they didn't feel the money was going to a worthwhile cause.  The sponsors would rather put money towards "feel good" events such as the Youth League.  Another idea was to increase dues/fees.  This was implemented by the NODA Board on 3/4/09.  Our dues increased from $55 to $60 and the venue fees went up to $85.  This increase came about to facilitate the $2 per player/team to go towards the ADO qualifiers.  We also attempted to charge $5 for additional qualifiers (beyond the first) to send on more players, but nobody signed up for them.  At this past Board meeting (3/5/13), we discussed having a 50/50 raffle at the banquets and at the qualifiers.  However, we already run two 50/50 raffles at the banquets and if we run them at the ADO qualifiers, how do we determine who to send on, a man or woman?  Currently, I'm considering running a 50/50 at the Cricket qualifier.  The winner of the drawing gets 50% of the money received.  The other 50% would be split evenly between the two second place winners (one male/one female) with those two players needing to pay any additional monies to make up the $110 fee. I haven't worked any magic formula out, but perhaps we could still use the 1/8 rule for men and maybe a % number for women to spend the additional 50%.  For example, we'll still run a 50/50, but if we don't have 16 men and say 25% of the women at the event, the additional money would roll over to a future event.  I'd like to see a percentage used for the women instead of a hard number, such as 16, to send a second woman.  There are only 20 women in the League.  If it were my choice, we would have sent a second woman, not a man, at this past 501 event.  I think it's incredible that they had 50% of all the NODA female shooters attend this event.

You now understand the scope of the situation.  At this point, I am open to suggestions.

Michael Abbott
NODA ADO Rep. 4-4

National Qualifier Tournament
For the winners of the Local Qualifier Tournaments

(For Area 4-4)

Was held on April 20, 2013
 Airway Lanes Bowling Center
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford MI 48328

Doors opened at 10:30
Sign up before 11:30
Started Playing at Noon

All Star Challenge and 501 Singles Championship
August 9, 10, 11, 2013
at the
USA Dart Classic
Stamford, CT

Players compete for National titles, and have an opportunity to win $10,000.