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Youth League
Fall Season - 2012/2013 Dart Year
STANDINGS THRU 9/22/12                                                 Week #1

 36 Total Members      37.71 League 01 Average       9 Equal/Better Than Average       27 Below Average
Division 1             Division 3                                   This Week       Total
Note: Division 1 players will combine and will draw
 for partners each week instead of having permanent
teams.  This will ease the burden of team mates who
have partners that cannot show up to play because of
school or other activities.  Division 1's standings
will be Individual Stats shown in the Division 1
Personal Stats below,  the High In and High Out to Date
and the High # of Outs.
 1 Elicia/Brian/Brian     4       4
 2 Makenzie/Emily/Fran    4       4
 3 Matt/Chris/And/Mike    3       3
 4 Max/Anthony            2       2
 5 Ethan/Tatum/Lisa/Sa    1       1
 6 Brandon/Nick/Steve     1       1
                       This Week's Mystery Out was 40
Nobody hit the Mystery Out

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Division 1 Personal Stats High In & High Out to Date
High # of Outs to Date
Division 2 Personal Stats Sorted Players 01 Averages
Perfect Shots to Date
  Score Sheets that you filled out


Welcome Back to Darts!

Please use only BLACK pens or pencils when filling out your score sheets. Some Fax machines or scanners do not pick up the other colors good and I can't see what you've written down.

If you make a mistake on your score sheets please don't over write the number. Draw a line thru the incorrect number and write down the correct number next to it.  Many times I can't tell what the correct number is when you keep writing over the wrong one trying to correct it.  This is especially true when you Fax your sheets because the Fax just takes a picture of the page in Black & White.

Current High League 01 Average
Nicholas Barchus - 45.75
High 01 Averages for the Night
Nicholas Barchus - 45.75
Tyler Schatz - 40.93
Brandon Kincaid - 39
Josh Chapel - 38.39
Bleys Laurido - 36.19

Great Shots Tonight

Will Morgan - 74
Josh Chapel - 83/78/80
Tyler Schatz - 98/90/78
Bleys Laurido - 89
Mike Dobek - 85
Max Brown - 72
Frank Benning - *** 180 ***
Ethan Jones - 77
Lisa Jones - 78/77/83