Youth League
2007/2008 Season - Fall League

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Team Trophies
1st Place Team
Tom Corrin, CJ Drake,
Rich McClelland
1st Place Team
Jacob Sams, Ariel Keffer,
Debbie Snelling, Shawn Sams
2nd Place Team
Samm Weber, JT Kirby,
Barry Hammock
3rd Place Team
Josh Chapel, Samantha Chapel,
Jeff Chapel
Personal Accomplishment Trophies
High Out
Kalvin Scott
High Single Game
Hope Haviaras
High # of Outs
Jacob Sams
League High Average
Samm Weber
Our Tournament winner at the Banquet was JACOB SAMS. It was a clean sweep
Shots Over 100
Jacob Sams 105
Jasmine Perna 127
Samm Weber 104, 111
Tom Corrin 120
John Garza 112
Final Averages for the Season
Tom Corrin 37.65     CJ Drake 37.02
Ariel Keffer 31.36     Jacob Sams 34.74
John Garza 37.17     Kayla Garza 33.14
Samm Weber 38.56     JT Kirby 31.80
Chris Gidcumb 36.40     Hope Haviaras 38.23
Torri Cozart 26.72     Bryce Cozart 34.92
Kalvin Scott 34.13     Jasmine Perna 38.52
Samantha Chapel 32.56     Josh Chapel 29.98
Adults Not On Main League's Averages
Barb Roberts 32.65
Debbie Hopkins-Snelling 34.44
Devon Cozart 44.96
Sue Smith 31.27
Barry Hammock 44.47
Cris Resendez 44.92