Adult League Midyear Banquet
4, 2014
Airway Lanes Bowling Center

Chris Reister coming to join the party plays on Cherry Hill #2 Checkin' out the matches    
Mary Ann Schick, Bob & Ronda Snyder and Lisa Jones   Mike Dewitt, Chris Hampton and Lisa Jones Carol and Mike Dobek of the Weal Inn #1
Dave Smith Sr & Dave Smith Jr play on The Weal Inn #1 Bob and Ronda Snyder Mark Henry, Bill Davidson, Ron Levinowsky and Debbie McQuillan Bob E Campbell & friend with Ron Burrows
Rich McClelland and Dave Merz play on Duckett's Pub #1 Rich McClelland, Mike Amstutz, & Dave Merz John Rumney, Paul Duff & Justin Taylor Michael Williams our Dart Guy
Jeremy Charlick & Dave Frost play on The Weal Inn #2 Chris Lamouria, Tim Jones, Jeff Chapel & Michael Abbott Scott "Whoop" Carney & Mark Andrews Jim Govan & Dave Peacy
Brian Domin takin' it all in Rob Maison, Steve Barchus & Mark Henry   Will Morgan
Brian Bradshaw, Dan Zetterlund & John Anderson   Debbie McQuillan Debbie Snelling
Rhea Thomas Our photographer, Mary Ann Schick   Joe Martin
John Findlay, Keith Byrd & Harry Kwiatkowski Randy Whalen and Barb Roberts Our Bartender/Waitress Samantha McClelland with John Findlay and Chris Hampton Scott Carney accepting his team's 2nd place finish in the 3rd Division plaques
Andy Pinner, Dave Merz, Harry Kwiatkowski and Rich McClelland the 1st place team in the 3rd Division Rob Vangordon, Dave Frost and Chris Hampton the 2nd place team in the 2nd Division Randy Whalen, Rick Tondreau, Pat Whalen and Chuck Rivet the 1st place team in the 2nd Division Dan Zetterlund, John Findlay, Scott Arkles and Mark Henry with their 1st place team in the 1st Division plaques
Steve Barchus with his High In For Division - 160 plaque Jim Govan with his son Andrew's High Improvement plaque David Smith Sr, Rob Vangordon, Steve Barchus and Ron Levinowsky, winners of the Phil Seidl 4/Man  



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