Adult League Year End Banquet
4, 2013
Airway Lanes Bowling Center

Our President, Jeff Chapel coordinating the events Chad Chapel, the Captain of Duckett's Pub #1 Jim Govan plays on Auburn Bar #2 Our Rules Chairperson, Lynn McClelland signing folks up for the events
Airway Lanes #1's Brian Bradshaw, Vickie Weber, Billy Born and Tom Stanley, the team that took 1st place in the 2nd Division Rich McClelland and Mark Henry Mike Dobek & David Smith Jr of The Weal Inn Dave Merz plays on Duckett's Pub #1
Floyd McClelland, Andy Pinner, Dave Booth Jr & Rich McClelland Rhea Thomas & Lynn McClelland   John Rumney, Pat Whalen, Ron Levinowsky & John Judge
Michael Williams & friend Dave Peacy, Ron Burrows, Scott Laga, Randy Whalen & Andi Milez Andi Milez, Randy Whalen & Phil Teem Brian Bradshaw, Vickie Weber & Tom Stanley
Harley Graves, Tony Tanascu & Topher Malburg of Troy Lanes #1 Mike Dobek & Michael Abbott Carol & Mike Dobek Dave Booth Jr, Tony Gidcumb, Bill Davidson, Mark Henry, Steve Barchus & Ron Levenowsky
Dave Maxim & Al Blascak play on Paint Creek Tavern Our Bartender, Samantha McClelland Chad & Jeff Chapel Tom Stanley, Billy Born, Vickie Weber & Brian Bradshaw, the winners of the 2013 Lutz Curry Tournament
  Peggy Pollock, Ken Hughes, Lynn McClelland & Joe Martin    
Rhea Thomas Samantha Weber    
Hi Steve Barchus   John Judge, Tony Gidcumb, Vickie Weber & Phil Teem Jeff Chapel assembling the Lutz Curry plaques.
Dave Merz & Andy Pinner - Duckett's Pub #1, 2nd Place team in the 3rd Division Bill Davidson, Dave Booth Jr, Kim Heckman & Will Morgan - Loon Lake Bar & Grill - 1st Place team in the 3rd Division Dave Booth Jr - High Total 01 Outs (32). High Total Outs (45) for the 3rd Division Bill Davidson - High In (160) & High Total Cricket Outs for 3rd Division (22.5)
Brian Williams - The Clansman Pub - High Out for 3rd Division (97) Scott Laga, Ron Burrows, Randy Whalen, Phil Teem & Dave Peacy - Duckett's Pub #3 - 2nd Place Team in the 2nd Division Vickie Weber, Captain of Airway Lanes #1 - 1st Place Team in the 2nd Division John Judge - Christi's Bar & Grill - High Total Cricket Outs for 2nd Division (26)
John Upham - High Out (106), High Total 01 0uts (39), High Total Outs (46) for 2nd Division Jeff Chapel, Keith Byrd & Ron Levinowsky - Cherry Hill Lanes - 2nd Place 1st Division Michael Abbott & John Findlay accepting the plaque for 1st place team in 1st Division (American Legion #2) Mark Henry - High Total Cricket Outs (31.5) for the 1st Division
Phil Teem - High Total Improvement from last season (17.18%) Rich McClelland, Samantha Weber, Floyd McClelland - Duckett's Pub #2 - accepting the award for being voted the team with the best sportsmanship in the 3rd Division John Judge, Holly McCarthy, Harold Bilbey - Christi's Bar & Grill Jeff Chapel, Ron Levinowsky & Keith Byrd play on Cherry Hill Lanes the team that was voted to have had the best sportsmanship for the 1st division.
Andi Milez with her certificate for winning the All Star 01 Tournament (Women) Tim Jones with his 9 Mark Certificate Bill Davidson with his 180 and 9 Mark Certificates Mike Dobek with his 9 Mark Certificate
Dave Booth Jr with his 9 Mark Certificate Jeff Chapel with his 9 Mark Certificate Keith Byrd with his 180 Certificate  



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