Adult League Midyear Banquet
5, 2013
Airway Lanes Bowling Center

Chris Hampton checking in with Will Morgan, Bob E Campbell, Bruce Lynn, and Paul Duff in the background And we're getting ready for the "Woody Tournament" Our Past President, Mike Burdett Chris Hampton & Bruce Lynn putting Lynn McClelland to work collecting the money and getting folks signed up for the matches.
Ron Levinowsky, Chris Hampton, Debbie McQuillan and Steve Barchus Stepping to the line Chris Hampton & Debbie Mcquillan Paul Duff and Rob VanGordon watching Jesse Hanley & Mike Burdett playing in the Woody Tournament
Rob VanGordon and Chuck Parrott watching Mike Burdett Rob VanGordon and Chuck Parrott watching Mike Burdett Jesse Hanley Jesse Hanley
Peggy Pollock and Bruce Lynn watching Carol Dobek at the line Peggy Pollock Bruce Lynn, Bob E Campbell Mary Ann Schick, our 2nd Division Coordinator Ron Levinowsky, Debbie McQuillan, Chris Hampton, Steve Barchus & Mark Andrews
Jeff Chapel, our President, at the line Peggy Pollock, Michael Williams & Jim Govan Chad & Jeff Chapel with Josh Paker & Andrew Govan Carol Dobek and Paul Duff
Jesse Hanley, Chuck Parrot, Anthony Gidcomb & Phil Teem Will Morgan, Captain of Loon Lake Bar & Grill Brian Domin playe on Duckett's Pub #2 Ariel Keffer with her Mom, Debbie Snelling, the Captain of Duckett's Pub #4
In between matches with Chad Chapel and Debbie McQuillan Debbie McQuillan gettin' ready to get down to business I caught Michel Abbott by surprise Rich McClelland, Holly McCarthy and more watching the matches
Bob E Campbell and Debbie McQuillan Jesse Hanley and Dave Wilke Mark Andrews, Mike & Carol Dobek, Rhea Thomas and Ken Hughes Ron Levinowsky, the Captain of Cherry Hill Lanes
Rich McClelland, Holly McCarthy, Mike Dobek, John Judge, Chris Hampton and Topher Malburg Chris Gidcumb and Max Brown, members of the NODA Youth League Vickie Weber and Frank Benning Josh Paker and Randy Whalen
Lynn McClelland and Samantha Weber Max Brown and Samantha Weber Mark Henry, Holly McCarthy and Frank Benning Bob E Campbell and Debbie McQuillan
Debbie McQuillan and Brian Domin Lisa Jones and Paul Duff Jim Govan, Tanya Hutchison, Ken Hughes, Harold Bilbey and Michael Abbott Jacquelynn Boughner and Steve Barchus
John Findlay, the Captain of AmericanLegion #2 Lynn McClelland, our Rules Chairperson Joe Martin & Rich McClelland Samantha Weber and her Mom, Vickie Weber
Hi, Mary Ann Schick Vickie Weber and Jeff Chapel just awarded Jake Sams.  Jake is on his way into the military Frank Benning accepting the Hall of Fame award for Airway Lanes from Vickie Weber Frank Benning accepting the Hall of Fame award for Airway Lanes from Vickie Weber
Floyd McClelland, Brian Domin, Samantha Weber, Rhea Thomas, Lynn McClelland and Mary Ann Schick, members of Duckett's Pub #2, accepting their Jackass awards Rich McClelland, Helaine Hulsman, Chad Chapel and Dave Merz receiving the Duckett's Pub #1 2nd Place in 3rd Division awards. Andrew Burdett, Mike Burdett and Ken Hughes accepting the Paint Creek Tavern 1st Place in 3rd Division awards Barb Roberts and Jeff Chapel
Barb was accepting the award for the Highest Improvement From Last Season for Female
Chuck Parrott, John Rumney, John Upham and Paul Duff accepting the Boomer's Roadhouse #1 2nd Place in 2nd Division awards John Upham accepting his High Out for Division, High Total 01 Outs for Division, High Total Outs for Division and High Total Improvement from Last Season for Male Rob VanGordon and Chris Hampton accepting the Airway Lanes #2 1st Place in 2nd Division award John Judge accepting the High Total Cricket Outs for Division award
Mark Henry, Harry Kwiatkowski, Mickey Shivers and Jesse Hanley accepting their Moomer's Roadhouse #2 2nd Place in 1st Division awards Jeff Chapel with Scott Arkles, Jeremiah Millar and John Findlay accepting the American Legion #2 1st Place in 1st Division awards Jeremiah Millar and John Findlay.
Jeremiah had the High In, High Total Cricket Outs and High Total Outs for 1st Division.
John Findlay had High Total 01 Outs for 1st Division
John Findlay
Stacie Burgess plays on The Clansman Pub      

2012/2013 Midyear Banquet at Airway Lanes



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