Year End Banquet
April 30
, 2011
Airway Lanes Bowling Center

Our waitress Dawn Lynn McClelland checkin' out something on the computer Randy Tanascu, Ken Juday & Tony Tanascu from the team of Auburn Bar #2 Tony Tanascu, Kyle Nabors & Randy Tanascu
Mike Evans, the Captain of Airway Lanes #3 Ken Hughes and Dave Maxim of Paint Creek Tavern Mickey Shivers of Airway Lanes #4 John Rumney of Airway Lanes #4
Dave Maxim & David Deniker of Paint Creek Tavern Ken Hughes & Dave Maxim Jeff Chapel & Bob E Campbell of Cherry Hill Lanes Mike Redmond and Steve Barchus
Mary Ann Schick of Airway Lanes #1 Our President Rich McClelland of Duckett's Pub #1 Ron Levinowsky the Captain of Cherry Hill Lanes Ken Hughes
Michael Abbott our ADO Rep Watchin' the matches John Anderson of Auburn Bar #1 The winners of the 2011 Lutz Curry Tournament is Airway Lanes #4 - Mike Redmond, Harry Kwiatkowsi, John Rumney, Darryn McGrath & Mickey Shivers
Jeff and Josh Chapel Dawn with our Dart Supply Guy, Michael Williams Jeremiah Millar, Randy Whalen, Chris Wilson, Anthony Gidcumb, Debbie Snelling and Samantha McClelland Rich McClelland watching Bob W Campbell, Jeremiah Millar and John Findlay
Randy Whalen, the Captain of Duckett's Pub #4 Dave Maxim, Chris Wilson, Tom Schulz, Bob E Campbell and Bryan Zobel Michael Abbott & Ron Burrows with their ladies Rhea Thomas, Allan Yee, Ken Hughes, David Deniker & Mike Burdett
?? with Mike Evans at the line Mike Redmond, David Hulsman & Mary Ann Schick Holly McClarthy, John Anderson & Brett Gabbard Stu Pilcher checking in
Stu Pilcher Chris Wilson Helaine Hulsman, Rich McClelland and David Hulsman of 2nd place team in the 3rd Division, Duckett's Pub #1 Dave Maxim, Mike Burdett, David Deniker & Ken Hughes of 1st place team in the 3rd Division, Paint Creek Tavern
Jeff Chapel John Anderson with his High Total 01 outs and High Total outs for the 3rd Division plaques Will Morgan with his High Out for 3rd Division plaque Andria Milez with her High Total Cricket Outs for the 3rd Division plaque
Rich McClelland with his High In for 3rd Division plaque Harold Bilbey, Holly McCarthy & John Judge of Duckett's Pub #2 with their 2nd place in 2nd Division plaques Vickie Weber with Billy Born and his lady Ed McClelland, his wife & son with Floyd McClelland
Mike Evans with his High Total 01 Outs for 2nd Division plaque John Judge with his High Total Cricket Outs and High Total Outs for the 2nd Division plaques Billy Born with his High Out for 2nd Division plaque John Upham with his High In for 2nd Division plaque
Airway Lanes #4 - 2nd place in the 1st Division - John Rumney, Mike Redmond, Mickey Shivers & Harry Kwiatkowski American Legion #2 - 1st place in the 1st Division - Brett Gabbard, Jeremiah Millar & John Findlay John Findlay & Brett Gabbard Helaine Hulsman, John Findlay & Brett Gabbard
Brett Gabbard, Jeremiah Millar & Lynn McClelland Brett Gabbard, John Findlay & Jeremiah Millar Mike Redmond with his High In for 1st Division plaque Bob E Campbell, Ron Burrows & Mike Redmond shared the High In for 1st Division
Sandi Quaine & Sue Martin of Auburn Bar #1 Rod Roenicke with his High Total Improvement from last season plaque Jeff Chapel Chris Hampton shot (6) 180's this season
Mike Redmond shot a 180 Steve Barchus & Mike Redmond Bob E Campbell shot a 9 Mark Harry Kwiatkowski shot a 180
Steve Barchus, Ron Burrows & John Judge John Judge shot (2) 180's Brett Gabbard shot (8) 9 Marks & Jeremiah Millar shot (4) 9 Marks & (3) 180's The Lutz Curry winners with their plaques - Harry Kwiatkowski, John Rumney, Mike Redmond & Mickey Shivers
Halaine Hulsman & Rich McClelland with their Moe Crook Tournament winning plaques Brett Gabbard, John Findlay & Jeremiah Millar with the Hall of Fame plaque honoring the 2011 inductee American Legion post 108 Chris Wilson with the plaque honoring Jana Baringer as a 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee.  Chris will present the plaque to Jana who was unable to attend todays Banquet Chris with Jana's plaque
Lynn McClelland being inducted into the 2011 NODA Hall of Fame by her Grandchildren Rich McClelland presenting Joe Martin with the 2011 Hall of Fame Plaque.  Joe's wife Sher is looking on Sher just gave a speech about her husband inductee, Joe Rich announcing to the League that the Lutz Curry Tournament will be renamed to the Joe Martin Tournament and the Hi/Lo Goodbye Tournament will be renamed to the Lynn McClelland Tournament in honor of these 2 2011 NODA Hall of Fame inductees
Joe and Lynn are staring in disbelief to be honored in this way Rich is announcing to the League that David Deniker will not be playing in our League next year because he has joined the U.S. Armed Forces    



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