NODA Midyear Banquet
January 5, 2008
At the Airway Lanes Bowling Center

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Michael Abbott - our ADO Rep and the Captain of Auburn Bar #3 Steve Barchus Michael Williams making a sale to Mary Ann Schick.  Chris Paton is looking at the board and Steve Barchus is walking by Chris Malburg, Scott Meeks, Tim Jones warming up for the events
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Stu Pilcher, Scott Meeks & Chris Malburg warming up for the events Scott "Whoop" Carney & Randy Whalen Warming up for the events Lisa Jones plays on American Legion #1
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Jeff Holesapple Jessica Domin with her father, Brian Domin Pat Whalen, Ruben Flores and Bryan "Reb" Golemba
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John Findlay with Michael Williams Carol Dobek & Mike Evans Randy Whalen Ron Burrows & Chuck Rivet
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Dawn, our Bartender/Waitress Tom Lowry Chuck Parrott Lisa Jones & Mike Rider
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Mike Burdett, Chris Paton, Don Paton, Dave Turner, Ken Hughes & Walt Paton Chad Chapel Mary Ann Schick, Scott Carney, Shawn Lantzy & Chris Wilson Gary Williams
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Debbie Snelling, Jon Ormiston & Rich McClelland Ken Juday, Chris Wilson & Mike Williams Bob E Campbell, Ruben Flores, Steve Barchus & Andy Pinner Mike Williams
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Pat Whalen, Chris Wilson & Ken Juday Chris Malburg & John Findlay Brian & Jessica Domin with Floyd McClelland & Sher Martin Chris Paton, Dan Murphy, Brian Williams,Walt Paton, Ken Hughes & Don Paton
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Larry SantAmour & Holly McCarthy Brian Williams, Gary Williams, Mike Evans, Tim Jones,  Jeff Dusseau & Lisa Jones Jeff Holesapple, Jeff Chapel, Mike Rider, Jimmy Smith, Vickie Weber, Debbie Snelling & Holly McCarthy Debbie Snelling, Holly McCarthy & Larry SantAmour
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Lynn McClelland & Joe Martin Mike Rider, Tim Jones, Mark Childers,Gary Williams,??, ??, Jeff Dusseau Randy Tanascu, Mike Evans & Tony Tanascu John Rumney lookin' on
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Jeff Dusseau, ??, ??, Gary Williams Mike Evans, Carol Dobek, Bruno Frigo & Dawn Frigo Paul Duff, Bobbi Jo, Jaime Felicie & Melissa Jessica Domin, Rhea Thomas, Scott Meeks & Steve Barchus
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Larry Santamour, Scott Carney, Holly McCarthy & Harold Bilbey Mike Rider, Michael Williams & Tom Wolfe Tony Tanascu & his family Jeff Holesapple, Sher Martin, Rich McClelland & Mike Burdett
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Pat Whalen, Vickie Weber, Cris Resendez, Dawn Ron Levinowsky, Chad Chapel, Dan Murphy, Dave Merz, Andy Pinner Randy Tanascu Tom Lowry & Randy Tanascu
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Mary Ann Schick, Shawn Lantzy, Ruben Flores, Paul Duff, Jeff Chapel & Randy Tanascu Jessica Domin, Brian Domin & Floyd McClelland Lynn McClelland & Joe Martin Tony Tanascu
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Tom Lowry, Tony Tanascu, Randy Tanascu, Chuck Parrott & Paul Duff - 1st Place Team in the 2nd Division (Airway Lanes #6) Mike Williams, Sandi Quaine, Ken Juday - 1st Place Team in the 3rd Division (Auburn Bar #1) & the top of Brian Domin's head Randy Tanascu, Tony Tanascu, Chuck Parrott, Tom Lowry & Paul Duff's tongue - 1st Place Team in the 2nd Division (Airway Lanes #6) Steve Barchus, Shawn Lantzy, Doug Rivet & Chuck Rivet - 1st Place Team in the 1st Division (Weal #1)
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Sher Martin, Mike Evans - High Out (110), High Total 01 Outs (36), High Total Outs (41) for the 3rd Division & Joe Martin Jeff Dusseau - High Total Cricket Outs for the 3rd Division (19) Jon Ormiston - Hi Total Cricket Outs for 2nd Division (18.5) Tom Lowry - High Out for 2nd Division (117)
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Randy Tanascu - High Total 01 Outs for 2nd Division (35) Jimmy Smith John Findlay Sandi Quaine Hi % Total Improvement From Last Season (Women)
8.99 %
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Steve Barchus had the High Total Cricket Outs in the 1st Division (28.5) John Findlay & Jimmy Smith tied for total 01 Outs in the 1st Division (28) John Rumney, Rhea Thomas, Steve Barchus & Rich McClelland - Winners of the 4/Man Hi/Lo Larry Kantzer Tournament



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