Midyear Banquet
January 6, 2007

If you see folks that are not named please let me know so that I can add them in.

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Jimmy Smith at the line Unpacking the goodies Practicing before the Tournaments begin Joe getting stuff lined up
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Doe Pagenkopf & Carol Dobek Priscella Erickson, Isaac White, Scott Carney, Mike Wurmlinger & Linda Ooh - Pizza
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Scott "Whoop" Carney, Larry SantAmour, Harold Bilbey & Holly McCarthy Ron Levinowsky, Steve Watkins, Chuck Parrott, Gary Williams & Mark Childers Priscella Erickson & Vince Wethy John Rumney & Chris Allen
Midyear07-013a.jpg (106794 bytes) Midyear07-014a.jpg (155204 bytes) Midyear07-015a.jpg (145501 bytes) Midyear07-016a.jpg (128933 bytes)
Chuck Rivet, Randy Whalen, Tom Childers & Bill Swanson Joe Martin with Lynn McClelland Mary Ann Schick & Sandi Quaine selling the raffle tickets Chuck Rivet, Mike Williams & Randy Whalen
Midyear07-017a.jpg (143185 bytes) Midyear07-018a.jpg (116238 bytes) Midyear07-019a.jpg (160820 bytes) Midyear07-020a.jpg (115617 bytes)
Mike Evans, Andy Pinner, John Morris, Dave Merz & Mark Pagenkopf John Findlay, Mike Burdett, Harold Bilbey & Ruben Flores Keith Byrd & Paul Duff Mike Wurmlinger & Linda
Midyear07-021a.jpg (150839 bytes) Midyear07-022a.jpg (138091 bytes) Midyear07-023a.jpg (129032 bytes) Midyear07-024a.jpg (136613 bytes)
Sandi & Doug Quaine with Harold Bilbey Jimmy Smith Kim, John Findlay & Debbie McQuillan Linda
Midyear07-025a.jpg (153521 bytes) Midyear07-026a.jpg (150056 bytes) Midyear07-027a.jpg (107218 bytes) Midyear07-028a.jpg (144915 bytes)
Doe Pagenkopf & Carol Dobek Chris Paton, Mike Burdett, Bob Kraus, Dan Murphy, ?? & ?? John Findlay with Tom Childers, Mark Childers & Chris Wilson Monica Williams, Debbie McQuillan, Gary Williams & Kim
Midyear07-029a.jpg (147019 bytes) Midyear07-030a.jpg (104198 bytes) Midyear07-031a.jpg (142689 bytes) Midyear07-032a.jpg (148095 bytes)
Monica Williams, Gary Williams, Isaac White, Debbie McQuillan & Kim ?? with the Bob E Campbells Rich McClelland at the line Tim & Lisa Jones
Midyear07-033a.jpg (132496 bytes) Midyear07-034a.jpg (143020 bytes) Midyear07-035a.jpg (128370 bytes) Midyear07-036a.jpg (138450 bytes)
Mike Evans, Paul Duff, Tony Stevenson ?? with Mike Rider Jeff Chapel & Steve Watkins Sandi Quaine, Rhea Thomas & Crystal Barnett
Midyear07-037a.jpg (128184 bytes) Midyear07-038a.jpg (127707 bytes) Midyear07-039a.jpg (155427 bytes) Midyear07-040a.jpg (123852 bytes)
Lynn McClelland with Crystal Barnett Mary Ann Schick with Anna & Dell Burns and Mike Evans Pat Whalen with ?? & Mike Williams Pat Whalen with ?? & Mike Williams
Midyear07-041a.jpg (118947 bytes) Midyear07-042a.jpg (100470 bytes) Midyear07-043a.jpg (111232 bytes) Midyear07-044a.jpg (133929 bytes)
Andy Pinner, Ron Levinowsky, Dave Merz & John Morris Ruben Flores & Larry SantAmour Mark Pagenkopf, Ruben Flores, Larry SantAmour & Doe Pagenkopf Michael Abbott at the dartboard with Gary Williams, Isaac White, Monica Williams & Debbie McQuillan
Midyear07-045a.jpg (153216 bytes) Midyear07-046a.jpg (265786 bytes) Midyear07-047a.jpg (193419 bytes) Midyear07-048a.jpg (167329 bytes)
Harold Bilbey, Holly McCarthy, Bob E Campbell, Debbie McQuillan & ?? Bill Swanson Mike Burdett with Bob Kraus & Dan Murphy Scott "Whoop" Carney & John Rumney
Midyear07-049a.jpg (124471 bytes) Midyear07-050a.jpg (117752 bytes) Midyear07-051a.jpg (237479 bytes) Midyear07-052a.jpg (103191 bytes)
Sandi & Doug Quaine Priscella Erickson & Vince Wethy Monica & Mike Williams Jeff Chapel - Hi In for Division
Midyear07-053a.jpg (105759 bytes) Midyear07-054a.jpg (106289 bytes) Midyear07-055a.jpg (124093 bytes) Midyear07-056a.jpg (124068 bytes)
John Findlay, Bill Swanson, Mark Childers, Don Wrathell & Tom Childers Chuck Rivet - Hi Out for Division Sandi Quaine with Mary Ann Schick & Rhea Thomas
Midyear07-057a.jpg (115419 bytes) Midyear07-058a.jpg (95437 bytes) Midyear07-059a.jpg (109100 bytes) Midyear07-060a.jpg (116521 bytes)
Chris Allen with Sandi Quaine Keith Byrd - Hi In for Division Holly McCarthy, Larry SantAmour, Doug Quaine & Monica Williams Marcie Woodard, Rich McClelland & Steve Pincombe
Midyear07-061a.jpg (121570 bytes) Midyear07-062a.jpg (117896 bytes) Midyear07-063a.jpg (127708 bytes) Midyear07-064a.jpg (119615 bytes)
Holly McCarthy - High Female Improvement for the Season Bob Brunner & Rhonda Moore - Moe Crook Winners Rhonda Moore with Pam & Amber Ogden Ron Levinowsky, Mark Childers & Sandi Quaine
Midyear07-065a.jpg (119494 bytes) Midyear07-066a.jpg (136373 bytes) Midyear07-067a.jpg (145826 bytes) Midyear07-068a.jpg (153358 bytes)
Mike Wurmlinger & Linda Sandi Quaine, Debbie McQuillan & Kathy Seidl Scott "Whoop" Carney & Isaac White Mrs & Mr Mike Rider with ?? & ??
Midyear07-070a.jpg (113268 bytes) Midyear07-071a.jpg (125541 bytes) Midyear07-072a.jpg (119793 bytes) Midyear07-073a.jpg (128250 bytes)
Ruben Flores, Mary Ann Schick & Rhea Thomas Ruben Flores, Mary Ann Schick & Rhea Thomas Doug Quaine
Midyear07-074a.jpg (137265 bytes) Midyear07-075a.jpg (155236 bytes) Midyear07-076a.jpg (139519 bytes) Midyear07-077a.jpg (147756 bytes)
Randy Whalen, Ron Burrows & Rich McClelland ?? Getting hugged by Rich McClelland Jimmy Smith with Hi Total 01 Outs, Hi Total Outs & Hi In for Division
Midyear07-078a.jpg (106906 bytes) Midyear07-079a.jpg (142629 bytes) Midyear07-080a.jpg (144690 bytes) Midyear07-081a.jpg (159017 bytes)
Mike Evans Ron Burrows, ?? & Tom Childers Debbie McQuillan & Jeff Chapel Chuck Rivet with Mike & Monica Williams closing down the Dart Supplies for the night


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