Year End Banquet
May 6, 2006

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Lutz Curry 1st Place Team
Auburn Bar #1
Michael Abbott, Colin Bielby & Jimmy Smith
Lutz Curry 2nd Place Team
Wagon Wheel #3
Ken Hughes, Ken Lewis & Mike Burdett.
Mike Burdett, Ken Hughes and Brian Domin have been in the League since it was formed in 1981 Chuck Rivet
High In for 1st Division - 160
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Chad & Jeff Chapel with Scott (Whoop) Carney
Airway Lanes #5
2nd Place - 2nd Division
Chad Chapel, Jeff Chapel, Scott Carney, Ruben Flores & Nesi Seidl John Morris
Airway Lanes #1
Hi Total Cricket Outs
Mike Williams
C&M Dart Supply
Our Man
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Ruben Flores with Keith Byrd of Emerald-Q #2,
High In for 2nd Division - 122
Ruben Flores & Keith Byrd
High Total 01 Outs for 2nd Division - 35
Harold Bilbey of Emerald-Q #3
High Total Outs for 2nd Division - 51.5 and High total 01 Outs for 2nd Division - 35
Jimmy Smith & Michael Abbott of Auburn Bar #1
1st Place Team - 1st Division
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Jimmy Smith, Michael Abbott, Sandi Quaine & Ruben Flores Nick Ybarra, Mark Halpin, Travis Murdock & Dan Zetterlund of Airway Lanes #3
2nd Place - 3rd Division
John Rumney, Lyle Brown, Jill Petrosky & Sandi Quaine of Emerald-Q #1
1st Place - 3rd Division
Mike Burdett
Wagon Wheel #3
High Out for 3rd Division - 107
Banquet-06 019.jpg (157739 bytes) Banquet-06 021.jpg (133641 bytes) Banquet-06 022.jpg (132492 bytes) Banquet-06 023.jpg (115224 bytes)
Travis Murdock
Airway Lanes #3
High Total Cricket Outs - 28
Lyle Brown
Emerald-Q #1
High In - 140
High Total Outs 41
Brian Domin, Lynn McClelland & Rhea Thomas
Airway Lanes #4
1st Place - Moe Crook Tournament
Michael Abbott & Jimmy Smith
1st Place in the Lutz Curry Tournament
Banquet-06 024.jpg (126053 bytes)
Lyle Brown, Jill Petrosky, Ron Burrows & Mike Burdett


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