Midyear Tournament
January 7, 2006

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Ruben Flores, our Vice President is the Captain of Suz's Bar & Grill #1 (The Wire Boys) Chris Wilson, the Captain of Wagon Wheel #1 Isaac White played in our League for many years Lynn McClelland, our Rules Chairperson plays on Airway Lanes #4
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Scott (Whoop) Carney plays on Suz's Bar & Grill #1 (The Wire Boys) Chris Wilson Sandi Quaine, our President plays on Emerald-Q #1 Monica Williams of Emerald-Q #3
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Lynn McClelland Mary Ann Schick, our 2nd Division Coordinator plays on Airway Lanes #4 Debbie McQuillan the Captan of Airway Lanes #5 (Bob E Campbell at the line). Tom Schulz plays on Wagon Wheel #1
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Mike Williams (C&M Darts) plays on Suz's Bar & Grill #2 Walt Paton is the Captain of Wagon Wheel #2 Jim Kelly plays on Wagon Wheel #2 Rhea Thomas is our Secretary.  She plays on Airway Lanes #4
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Adam Paton plays on Wagon Wheel #2 Rich McClelland is taking the year off. Rusty Bourell was in our League for many years Mike Williams of Suz's Bar & Grill #2
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Brian Domin plays on Airway Lanes #4 Dave Merz plays on Airway Lanes #1 Scott Burgess plays on Suz's Bar & Grill #2 Tony Bradford plays on the Elephant Bar team.
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Jeff Chapel plays on Airway Lanes #5 Don Paton, the Captain of Wagon Wheel #3 Dan Zetterlund plays on Airway Lanes #3 Michael Abbott plays on Auburn Bar #1
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Tony Bradford & Chris Wilson with the Motor City Tournament Plaque Mike (Milo) Domalik lookin' on Waitin' for the next match to begin Between matches
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Jeff and Chad Chapel of Airway Lanes #5 Bob E Campbell & Chris Wilson accepting 2nd Place, 1st Division team plaques Jimmy Smith & Michael Abbott with Sandi Quaine accepting the 1st Place, 1st Division team plaques Jimmy Smith - Hi Out for Division #1
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John Gibbs, Scott Carney & Ruben Flores accepting the 2nd Place, 2nd Division team plaques  Gary Williams & Jeff Essenburg accepting the 1st Place, 2nd Division team plaques Tony Bradford accepting his Hi In For Division plaque Tony Bradford and Jeff Chapel both had the same Hi In for Division # 2
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Sandy Russell, Chris Gavette, Tony Stevenson & Scott Burgess accepting the 2nd Place, 3rd Division team plaques Walt Paton & Jim Kelly accepting the 1st Place, 3rd Division team plaques Brian Domin accepting his Hi Out for Division plaque Tony Stevenson accepting his Hi Total 01 Outs for Division plaque
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Scott Burgess with Sandi Quaine accepting his Hi In for 3rd Division plaque Walt Paton with Sandi Quaine accepting his Hi Total Cricket Outs for Division #3 plaque Travis Murdock with his High Total Improvement From Last Season plaque Scott Burgess, John Findlay, Chuck Rivet & Bob E Campbell with Trudi Seidl, Kathy Seidl & Rusty Bourell - The 1st Place team in the 4-Man Hi/Lo Phil Seidl Tournament
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Julie & Matt Lefevre of Airway Lanes #2 Mike Burdett plays on Wagon Wheel #3

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