Midyear Tournament
January 8, 2005

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Bill Swanson checking in. Bill is the Co-Captain of Auburn Bar #2. Mike Evans & Russ Trunk.  Mike plays on C&M Darts (Emerald-Q #1) and Russ plays on Emerald-Q #3. Dave Merz of VFW Post 1370 #2.
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Dave Merz at the line. Chris Paton.  Chris is on Wagon Wheel #2. Marianne Barnett.  Marianne is the Captain of VFW Post 1370 #1.
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Don Wrathell - the Co-Captain of American Legion Post 108 Team #3. Don & Chris Paten in the background with Gary Williams, Bob E Campbell & Ruben Flores on the right. Chuck Rivet.  Chuck's the Co-Captain of C&M Darts (Emerald-Q #1). The Silent Auction table with the signed entertainment memorabilia in honor of Brian Johnson.
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Russ Trunk and Holly McCarthy. Holly is the Captain of Emerald-Q #3. Randy Whalen and Mike Burdett.  Travis Murdock and Sherri Stewart play on American Legion Post 108 Team #4
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Don Wrathell. Isaac White, Bill Laimbeer, Debbie McQuillan and Chad Chapel.  This team took 2nd place in the 4-man Phil Seidl Tournament. Chuck Parrott, Dave Merz & Rich McClelland.
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Marianne Barnett, Rhea Thomas, Chris Paton & Walt Paton. Larry SantAmour, Bryan Snyder & Mike Evans. Bryan Snyder.
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Andrew Burdett, Don Wrathell, Mike Burdett, Susie Crank & John Findlay. Bob Jacobs, Dan Zetterlund, Sherri Stewart, Travis Murdock & Brandon Sorenson Don Paton in the checkered shirt, Pat Whalen in the blue shirt and Ruben Flores at the board.
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Ruben Flores, Pat Whalen, Don Paton & Marc Bernadotte. Shawn Lantzy & his kids with Bob E Campbell and Chris Wilson accepting their 2nd place, 1st Division team plaques.



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