Motor City Interleague Tournament
April 17, 2004

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Chris & Don Paton with Ken Hughes and Ken Lewis with Rhea Thomas in the background Michael Abbott with the ladies John Rumney, Mike & Monica Williams and Russell Trunk
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Brian Domin, ?, ?, ? Brian Domin, ?, ?, ? Jim Kelly, Walt & Adam Paton with Mike Evans
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Ron Loomis waitin' for the next match
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Drew Perkett - The Main Man of the Tournament Sandi Quaine, Ruben Flores, Ron Loomis & Lyle Brown
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Sandi Quaine, John Rumney, Mike Williams, Ron Loomis, Ruben Flores & Lyle Brown Ron Loomis, Lyle Brown, Sandi Quaine & Ruben Flores Rich McClelland
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?, Brian Domin, ?, ? Brian Domin
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Mike Williams, John Rumney, Russell Trunk, Monica Williams Walt & Adam Paton with Mike Evans Breakin' them down at the end of the match



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