Midyear Tournament at the KofC Hall in Lake Orion


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? & John Findlay Larry Rivett
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President, Mike Burdett Mary Ann Schick & Shawn Jubelt - "That's a good one." Jeff Chapel & Susie Crank Harold Bilbey - "I have darts."
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Chris Malburg, Ron Loomis & Tom Wolschlager Chris Malburg receiving Team Plaques for 1st Place, 1st Division Rich McClelland, Chris Turbiak & Brian Domin - 1st Place Team, 4th Division Rich McClelland - Hi Out for 4th Division
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Dave Turner with Sandi Quaine presenting his plaque for Hi Total Cricket Outs for 2nd Division Paul Castellani & Jana Baringer with plaques for 2nd Place Team in 1st Division Jeff Chapel, Steve Stephan & Susie Crank - 2nd place team in the 2nd Division Dave Turner, John Findlay, Joe Crank & Jeff Rusczak - 2nd Place in the Phil Seidl Tournament
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Mike Burdett presenting to Mike and Monica Williams - 1st Place team in the 3rd Division Mike Shipley at the line


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