Midyear Tournament
January 3, 2004

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Jim Kelly with his Captain Walt Paton waiting for a game to start - They play on Wagon Wheel #5. Playing a match before the Tournament starts. Floyd McClelland checking out the Plaque Trophies.  Floyd's taking the season off. Rob Mitchell with Rhea Thomas at the desk. Rob's on American Legion #2 and Rhea's on VFW-1370.
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The Brothers Chad and Jeff Chapel checking in. Chad plays on Lakeside Lounge #1 and Jeff plays on Rumors #2. Nesi & Trudi Seidl.  Nesi's the Captain of Wagon Wheel #1 and Trudi's not playing this season. Dave Merz arriving to play. Dave plays on Lakeside Lounge #2. Ahoy - Mike Burdett.  Mike plays on Rumors #1.
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Captain Don Paton & Chris Paton play on Wagon Wheel #4. Is that Mark Zwayer under that cap?  Mark plays on Wagon Wheel #1. Don Wrathell checking in.  Don plays on Wagon Wheel #3. Paul Castellani signing up.  Paul plays on Rumors #2.
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Bill Swanson - a new League member this season on Emerald-Q #2. Bob Skornicka of Emerald-Q #2. Players in the Phil Seidl 4 man Hi/Lo Tournament. Teams 2 & 10 in the 1st round of the Phil Seidl 4 man Hi/Lo Tournament.
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Brian Johnson's the Captain of the Shark Club team. Holly McCarthy & Brian Johnson. Carl Hastings plays on Wagon Wheel #1. Ron Levinowsky is the Captain of Emerald-Q #3.
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Bob Skornicka of Emerald-Q #2 with Eric Johnson of Wagon Wheel #2 signing in. Eric Johnson of Wagon Wheel #2. Between Matches. Watchin' the Matches.
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The 1st place team of Dave Smith, Fred Allos, Rhea Thomas & Don Paton was Team #8 in the Phil Seidl 4 man Hi/Lo Tournament. Fred Allos of the Auburn Bar team, Don Wrathell of the Wagon Wheel #3 team and Jimmy Smith of the Auburn Bar team. A little Time Out between matches. Tee Hee!
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Rich McClelland - Co Captain of the Lakeside Lounge #1 team. Susie Crank plays on Rumors #2 and Bill Swanson plays on Emerald-Q #2. Carl Lipson, Trudi Seidl, Dee Smith and Harold Bilbey. Eric Johnson of Wagon Wheel #2.
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Larry SantAmour plays on the Shark Club team. Mike Williams, Captain of C&M Darts Emerald-Q #1 with Tony Bradford of Auburn Bar. Lyle Brown of Suz's Bar & Grill. Mark Childers plays on BW-3
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Derrick Freels.  

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