NODA Year End Banquet
May 18,2003
Held at the K of C Hall in Lake Orion

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Brad McIntyre helping to assemble the dartboard stands for the tournament Stu Pilcher helping with the assembly David Berg, Chad Chapel, Brad McIntyre, Stu Pilcher & Cheryl McIntyre - the Winners of the Lutz Curry Tournament Tom Lowry
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Smiley Face - Rich McClelland Bob E Campbell and our new Vice President Bob Snyder Ruben Flores, Chuck Parrott, Mike Evans, Brian Johnson & Walt Paton Lynn McClelland, Brian Domin, Dale and Rhea Thomas with Mary Ann Shick behind
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Our President, Sandi Quaine with Nesi Seidl at the board Nesi Seidl Mary Ann Schick working the tournament
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Our past President Mike Burdett with our Secretary Rhea Thomas Don Wrathell, Harold Bilbey with Holly McCarthy at the board Mike Burdett displaying a Motor City Interleague Tournament plaque Lynn McClelland with Ken Hughes in back
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Sandi Quaine manning the video camera Joe and Sher Martin Mike Burdett calling out a raffle number Mike Burdett receiving his Special Appreciation plaque
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Jimmy Smith with the award he earned Mike Evans with a bunch of plaques (Mike was the 1st one to get to the hall and start breaking down tables so that we could set up the boards) Bob Campbell, Nesi Seidl and Chris Wilson Dave Berg, Chris Wilson and Lynn McClelland being waited on by Mary Ann Schick
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The games Nesi Seidl and Mike Tyrell Walt Paton accepting a plaque Mike Tyrell with a plaque
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Chuck Parrott Chuck Parrott Fred Allos at the line with Brad McIntire chalking Keith Byrd and Mike Evans
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Bob E. Campbell at the line Mike Tyrell Ron Levinowsky, Tom Lowry and Keith Byrd Mike Tyrell with Jeremy's plaques
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Bob Snyder Holly McCarthey Rhea Thomas

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