Year End Banquet
(Plaques are for the 2000/2001 Winter League)

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Monica Williams accepting her 1st place team in 4th Division plaques Mike Williams accepting his 1st place team in 3rd Division plaques 1st Place, 1st Division - Joe Crank, Steve Kaps, Mark Martin, Mark Manuel, Jim Shoemaker It's that 1st Place, 1st Division & Lutz Curry winning team again
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Jeff Essenburg - Hi Total 01 outs & Hi Total Outs for 4th Division Ron Loomis accepting his and Tom Horn's Hi In for 2nd Division plaques Lutz Curry Winners - Steve Kaps, Mark Martin, Mark Manuel, Jim Shoemaker & Joe Crank Dan Murphy - Hi In for 4th Division
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Rod Melzer - Hi Total Cricket Outs for 2nd Division Jeff Chapel - Hi Out for 1st Division Harold Bilbey - Hi In for 1st Division Mark Martin - Hi Total Cricket Outs for 1st Division & Steve Kaps - Hi Total 01 outs, Hi Total Outs for 1st division & Hi League Average
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Andy Moore - Hi Out for 2nd Division  & accepting 1st Place team in 2nd Division plaques Captain Dan Murphy accepting the Moe Crook Tournament winning team (Dillingers #2) plaques And Here's your Board for the 2001/2002 Dart Year Scott Sprigg
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Julie our Caterer da Grub Us gettin' ready to eat the grub Phil Teem lookin' to eat

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