Year End Banquet
(Plaques are for the 2000/2001
Winter League)

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Jeff & Trish Lewis Mike Williams and his wares Joe Martin at the Helm of the Tournaments Mary Ann Schick
"High Five"
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Our Caterers (Fran, Bridgett, Julie & Andy) hard at work in the Kitchen Walt Payton gettin' a Coke?
"That's right Lee hand it to me 'cause I'm real thirsty"
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Our Bartenders (Jerry & Lee) Dan Lovell & Mike Burdett - 2nd Place in the 3rd Luck of the Draw Rich McClelland & Tom Childers - Winners of the 3rd Luck of the Draw Bob W Campbell with his raffle winnings
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Mike Domalik says "2 Tickets Please" Sandi Quaine & her dartboard raffle winnings "Only rooms left are bathroom or kitchen" Tom Childers & his 50/50 winnings Mike Evans
CM199.JPG (105968 bytes) CM206.JPG (100160 bytes) CM205.JPG (121712 bytes) CM202.JPG (85264 bytes)
Mike Evans - "One of 'em was the 50/50 winner" Mark Manuel Debbie Neely Dave Smith, Debbie Neely, Chris Rindhage, Mike Tyrell & Janice Harper
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da Cake da Cake gettin' cut Rhea Thomas with the first piece Debbie Neely, Chris Rindhage & Janice Harper

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