Year End Banquet

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Mark Manuel Mike Burdett with "The 20th Anniversary Cake". Don't drop it, Mike "Smile Cheryl" - "No, you smile, Sandi"
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Joe Martin, Rich McClelland, Lynn McClelland & Brian Domin Rhea Thomas "See what I made" Mike Tyrell & Brad McIntyre - "Brad, The coat of Arms don't get a paycheck" Floyd McClelland - "Yum, Foamy"
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Scott Sprigg & Brad McIntyre: "You said $50.00 worth?" The Raffle Stuff That's right Brad, in the bucket
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Brad McIntyre - "Stu, My antennas work." Mark Martin - Lovely Legs Mike Evans "Drinks all around" Cheryl & Brad McIntyre
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Brenda Teem & Rhea Thomas Chuck Parrott & Susie Crank Mike Burdett - "Where's my Costco Apple Pie?" Stu Pilcher & Brian Domin
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Sher says "Joe Wins!" Joe & Sher Martin's Old Stomping Grounds Ron Loomis & Monica Williams "Napkins suck"

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Cheryl gets a nickel for every cup   


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