Moe Crook Memorial Tournament
Held at the Wagon Wheel in Lake Orion

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Dan Murphy, Heidi Penrod, Bob Clodfelter & Steve Grucz (Dillinger's #2) Winners of the Moe Crook Tournament Heidi Penrod Chris Gavette Heidi Penrod, Dan Murphy, Steve Grucz & Bob Clodfelter
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Heidi Penrod Dan Murphy Bob Clodfelter Dan Murphy
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Mike Shipley says "I'm runnin' this tournament" Hello, Hungry Howies? Val Owen & Stu Pilcher - "Wake up Stu & count the points" Payton Moxley
"Yes Madam"
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Mike Tyrell & Rob Mitchell: "Call Ghostbusters?" Rob Mitchell & Brad McIntyre (Check out the dart in the air) "Bulls-eye" Payton Moxley & Brad McIntyre - Steady, Steady, Don't poke Brad Payton Moxley & Rob Mitchell - "out'a the way Rob, I'm tryin' to take a picture!"
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Mike Tyrell - "1, 2, 3 Bullseye" Rob Mitchell, Mike Tyrell & Dave Smith Chris Gavette Rob Mitchell
"Let's Twist and Shout"
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Bob Clodfelter

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