All Stars 01 Tournament
Held at the Wagon Wheel Tavern
in Lake Orion

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1st Place, Women's: Susie Crank with 1st place, Men's: Mark Brundage Mark Brundage at the line Susie Crank "And then what happened is  --" Kim Heckman, Susie Crank, Debbie McQuillan Sandi Quaine & Nesi Seidl in front - "Girls Night Out"
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Jim Shoemaker with Walt Payton at the line Jim Shoemaker at the line Susie Crank & Debbie McQuillin deciding on who really won Sandi Quaine
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Sandi Quaine Isaac White, Mike Burdett & Walt Payton Cheryl's Craft Class. Amy Cassaboy passes.
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Isaac White & Joe Crank - "Like this Joe" Walt Payton
Looks like a trip 20 from here
Shawn Lantzy, Kim Heckman & Ruben Flores:
Ruben says "See my pretty
darts" Shawn says "I think my white darts are prettier"
Yum!  Mike Burdett - Can I have a bite too?
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Mike Burdett, Sandi Quaine, Brad McIntyre & Walt Payton - "Nothin' better to do? Take your picture." Kim Heckman, Phil Teem & Mike Burdett Isaac White, Susie & Joe Crank & Mark Martin  Bartenders at the Wagon Wheel: Lori & Jeff - "One minute please, you're next."
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Nesi Seidl Debbie McQuillan Dave Smith & Mike Tyrell  - "Hey Cheryl, How about another beer"  

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