Midyear Tournament
(Plaques are for the 2000/2001 Fall League)

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Sandi Quaine giving Hi League Average, Hi Total 01 Outs & Hi Total Outs for Division awards to Steve Kaps 1st Place, 1st Division: Jim Shoemaker, Steve Kaps, Mark Martin & Joe Crank 2nd Place, 1st Division: Harold Bilbey, Tom Childers & John Findlay Hi In for 3rd Division - Ron Loomis & Tom Horn
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Sandi Quaine giving a Hi in for Division award to Bob E Campbell 1st Place, 3rd Division: Isaac White, Ruben Flores, Kim Heckman, Ron Loomis & Tom Horn 2nd Place, 3rd Division: Mike Williams, Kris Williams, Monica Williams & Jerry Ezell Hi Total Improvement from last season (Female) - Sandi Quaine
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Sandi Quaine awarding Mark Martin the plaque for Hi Total Cricket Outs for 1st Division 1st Place, 4th Division: Brian Domin, Floyd McClelland, Bob Perigo & Rich McClelland Chris Rindhage & Janice Harper Hi Total 01 outs & Hi Total outs for  3rd Division - Kris Williams
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Brian Fields & Sandi Quaine Hi In, Hi Out and Hi Total Outs for 4th Division. Rhea Thomas giving multiple awards to Rich McClelland with Bob Perigo looking on. "So many awards and too few hands" Scott Sprigg, Steve Weir & Joe Crank - "Uh, Scott, I'll just take that"
Bob W Campbell & Ronda Snyder Mark Martin & Kat Lynn McClelland & Brian Domin - "Mercy sakes, where is it?"



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