Midyear Tournament
(Plaques are for the 2000/2001 Fall League)

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1st Place, Larry Kantzer Tournament: Tom Wolschlager & Jerry Ezell 2nd Place in the Larry Kantzer Tournament: Dave Leininger & Brad McIntyre 2nd Place, 2nd Division: Tim Jones, Rod Melzer, Mike Rider & Dean Caddick Dan Lovell - Hi In and Hi Total Cricket Outs for 2nd Division
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Steve Griffin 1st Place, 3rd Division: Isaac White, Kim Heckman, Ruben Flores, Ron Loomis & Tom Horn 2nd Place, 3rd Division: Mike Williams, Kris Williams, Monica Williams & Jerry Ezell Hi In for 3rd Division - Ron Loomis & Tom Horn
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Kris Williams - Hi Total 01 Outs & Hi Total Outs for  3rd Division 1st Place, 4th Division: Brian Domin, Floyd McClelland, Bob Perigo, Rich McClelland Rich McClelland - Hi In, Hi Out & Hi Total 01 Outs for 4th Division Bob Perigo - Hi Total Cricket Outs & Hi Total Outs for 4th Division
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Sandi Quaine - Hi Total Improvement from Last Season (Female) 1st Place, Phil Seidl Tournament: Tim Jones, Kathy Seidl, Tom Horn & Val Owen 2nd Place, Phil Seidl Tournament: Jerry Ezell, Rhea Thomas, Tom Wolschlager, John Findlay Sandi Quaine presenting Mark Martin with Hi Total Cricket Outs for 1st Division Award
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Mike Burdett & Christopher Snyder Drawing for the Raffles Bryan Snyder - "Anyone wanna jump rope?" Another Drawing Another Winner
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Lynn, Floyd & Rich McClelland Hi Phil - Yes, you can eat it

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