Midyear Tournament

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What a tournament looks like from behind: Ok, Everyone turn around and Smile Brenda Teem with Sandi Quaine and Mike Burdett calling a 50/50 (uh, Mike, we'll be eating soon) Sher Martin & Nesi Seidl in the kitchen doing the "behind the scenes" work Our President: Mike Burdett
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Isaac White, Carl Lipson & Chris Wilson Christopher Snyder (Bob & Ronda's Oldest) Christopher Snyder (Bob & Ronda's Oldest) Denise Seidl & Carl Hastings (Yee Ha)
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Tim McQuillan - "That for me? Thank you, Tim" "Here's to you" from Mary Ann Schick Marianne Barnett & ? Mike Evans and Phil Teem "My Boy"
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Hey Mike, Look to your right to see what everyone else is looking at. Look at that score. Sign 'em up Mike Burdett & Carl Hastings Monica Williams & Mark Brundage
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Lynn McClelland with Bob Perigo and ? Looks like Future Darters

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