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Airway Lanes Bowling Moe Crook Lynn McClelland
American Legion Post 108 Lutz Curry Stu Pilcher
Auburn Sportsmens Bar Ken Hughes Mary Ann Schick
Jana Baringer Larry Kantzer Phil Seidl
Mike Burdett Joe Martin  

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Inductee #1 - May 1, 2010
Larry Kantzer
Larry was among the founders of our League back in 1981.

5/7/10 Anecdote by Kyle Nabors:  I first met Larry at the old Auburn Bar when Jerry Bunner owned it back in 1979 or 1980.  Larry and I were frequent dart partners.  He was the best shot I had ever seen.  I will never forget his unique way of holding his dart; with his pinky in the air.  He had a half practice board at his house that was the first I'd ever played on.  I remember one night, we must have played 15 games and I only won maybe one of them.  He was a true champion, mentor and friend.

Inductee #2 - May 1, 2010
Lutz Curry
Rich McClelland and Mike Burdett accepting the NODA Hall of Fame trophies for Larry Kantzer and Lutz Curry, the first 2 inductees into our Hall of Fame.  Larry and Lutz were instrumental in forming our League and helped set up the beginning venues.

  Phil and Kathy Seidl with Ron Loomis and Tom Wolschlager accepting their 2nd place in the 2nd Division Catalina Lounge plaques at our 1997 Year End Banquet    
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Inductee #3 - May 1, 2010
Phil Seidl
Trudi Seidl, Tanya Seidl Hutchison and Nesi Seidl accepting the trophy for the 3rd NODA Hall of Fame inductee, Phil Seidl. Phil's parents, Carla and Ted Seidl receiving an Honorary Award for Phil at our 1999 Midyear Banquet The Seidl family: Vickie, Carla, Ted, Denise, Trudi Seidl, Kerri Hartfield at our 1999 Midyear Banquet

Darts was a major part of Phil's life and during the years he played he was probably responsible for bringing more players and venues into our League than anyone else.  Phil used to go from bar to bar talking up the League and asking for players and venues to join.  Unfortunately our friend Phil passed away too early.

Inductee #4 - May 1, 2010
Moe Crook
Rich McClelland  with the family of Moe Crook - Jeff Crook, Heather Crook, Carol Crook (Moe's wife), Heidi Penrod & Stacey Blair -  accepting the trophy for the 4th inductee into the NODA Hall of Fame.

Moe was a member of our League for many years.  He invited many people to join our League.  Moe passed away during a Monday Night's League match at the Downtown Lounge in Lake Orion.

Inductee #5 - May 1, 2010
Mike Burdett
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  Andrew Burdett presenting his father, Mike Burdett, with the trophy for being the 5th inductee into the NODA Hall of Fame. 

Mike has been a member of NODA since 1982/1983 season and was President of our League for many years.
Mike played out of The River Shack on Ryan Road between Avon & Dequindre when the League was formed. Then he played out of the Frosty Mug on Van Dyke & 24 Mile Rd, the Green Parrott on Lapeer Rd & Pontiac Rd, the Wagon Wheel in downtown Lake Orion, Deacon Brodie's on Rochester Rd in Rochester, Rockers on N Perry in Pontiac, Motor City Bar on N Perry in Pontiac, Dillingers on N Perry in Pontiac, the Ventura Lounge on Baldwin in Pontiac, Bo's Brewery in downtown Pontiac, Rumors on South Blvd & Wide Track in Pontiac, Tommy T's on Huron St in Waterford, and Paint Creek Tavern in downtown Rochester.  Mike has had the good fortune to have Captained and been on teams in all 3 Divisions.

Inductee #6 - April 30, 2011
American Legion
Post 108
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The American Legion, 130 E Drahner Rd., Oxford, MI has been a valued sponsor of NODA teams since the 1999/2000 dart year.  They have hosted several of our Tournaments and sponsored a maximum of 4 teams per year spread out over all divisions.

Inductee #7 - April 30, 2011
Jana Baringer
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      Chris Wilson inducting Jana

Jana became a member of our League and brought her 1st team in to play out of Club Joseph on Dixie Highway in Waterford  for the 1990/1991 season. Jana was the captain of her team for many of her NODA years and brought in many new players during her years of membership.
Jana played out of Club Joseph for the 1990/1991 & 1991/1992 season.  Club Joseph was later named The Front Row for the 1992/1993 season and Jana played there through the 1995/1996 season.  For the 1996/1997 season Jana moved her team to Stan's Dugout on Auburn Rd in Auburn Hills.  For the 1997/1998 season Jana's team played out of the South Blvd Station on Auburn Rd in Auburn Hills.  For the 1998/1999 season Jana moved her team to Vimmers.  For the 1999/2000 season Jana's team moved to BW-3 on Lapeer Rd in Lake Orion.  For the 2000/2001 season Jana joined the team of Art & Jakes #1 on Mound Rd in Utica.  For the 2001/2002 season Jana moved her team back to BW-3 in Lake Orion.  For the 2002/2003 season Jana took her team to the Wagon Wheel in Lake Orion and played there through the 2005/2006 season.

Inductee #8 - April 30, 2011
Lynn McClelland
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Lynn has been a member of our League since the 1990/1991 season and began to play out of Club Joseph on Dixie Highway in Waterford.    Lynn was the Secretary of our League from the 1993/1994 season to the 1999/2000 season.  Lynn became NODA Rules Chairperson for the 2003/2004 season and remains so today.  Lynn tirelessly volunteers to work all of our Banquets and many of our Tournaments.  She has been Captain of her team since the early 1990's and has brought many new members into our League.
Lynn played out of Club Joseph for the 1990/1991 & 1991/1992 season.  Club Joseph was later named The Front Row for the 1992/1993 season and Lynn played there through the 1995/1996 season.  For the 1996/1997 through the 1998/1999 season her team played out of the VFW Post 1370 on Cesar Chavez in Pontiac.  Lynn took off the 1999/2000, 2000/2001 seasons and returned again to the VFW for the 2001/2002 season.  For the 2002/2003 & 2003/2004 season Lynn moved her team to the Lakeside Lounge on Elizabeth Lake Rd in White Lake Township.  At the beginning of the 2004/2005 season Lynn moved her team back to the VFW Post 1370 on Cesar Chavez Blvd.  Since the beginning of the 2005/2006 season Lynn has played out of Airway Lanes Bowling Center on Highland Rd in Waterford.

Inductee #9 - April 30, 2011
Joe Martin
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Joe started with our League as a Sponsor (Club Joseph) with his wife, Sher, during the 1989/1990 season.  They sponsored 1 team during the 1989/1990 season.  Joe was a playing member that 1st year.  They sponsored 7 teams during the 1990/1991 season and 11 teams during the 1991/1992 season.  They sold Club Joseph in 1992.  Joe became the Statistician of the NODA beginning with the 1992/1993 season and also became the Treasurer beginning with the 1996/1997 season.  He relinquished his role as Statistician at the end of the 2014/2015 dart year. 

Inductee #10 - May 5, 2012
Ken Hughes
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Mike Burdett inducting Ken

Ken has been a member of our League since the 1982/1983 season.  Ken's team mates for that second year of the League were Mike Burdett, Ray Weyland, Ernie Renolds, Dino K. and Heinrich Bochman.  Ken was Vice President for the 1982/1983 season and then became the President of our League for the 1983/1984 and 1984/1985 seasons.  Ken is the author of the Hughes Handicap formula we use to compute our Team Handicaps.  Ken has played in every division in our League.

Words from Ken Hughes when I asked him about the beginning of the League:

Hi Joe. Well the first year the League was formed ( 1981/2) - Jim Humphrey and Ralph Gustofson ran the league. I think Ralph was actually the President, and Jim Humphrey was the Secretary/Treasurer.

As the second season started 1982/3, (the first year that Mike Burdett and I participated), I became friends with both Jim and Ralph and helped with developing software for the Stats.. A couple of weeks before the end of the season, they talked me into taking the position of Vice-President. As the season ended, they both told me that the Vice President automatically becomes President at the end of the season - so I was it. They then both resigned (Clever). Ralph was moving out of the area, and perhaps Jim was also - I don't recall. With me as the only board member - there was a serious possibility that the league would founder.

That summer, with a lot of help from another player - Al Malouin - we got the scorebooks developed and printed, and created the schedule for the coming season. We also visited a lot of bars and encouraged the propietors to sponsor teams. We hung up flyers encouraging teams to form, and advising that the bar owners would sponsor them. I think there were about a dozen teams at that time, with sponsors like Mr. B's, Rivershack, Hurling Green, JB's etc

So, I took over at the end of the 1982/3 season and stayed President for 2 years. As I stepped down, we had grown to 36 teams and actually had a board (of around 6 people), and I knew that the league was in good hands and would survive and grow.

The vision passed onto me by Jim and Ralph - was that this was a league for players of all levels. It was team oriented, with sportsmanship and friendship at its core. I think those values are still very much a part of our culture.

I hope this helps, Joe.
Best Regards,

Inductee #11 - May 5, 2012
Mary Ann Schick
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Mary Ann joined our League during the 1989/1990 season.  She has been a Division Coordinator in our League since the 1998/1999 season.  Everywhere Mary Ann goes she mentions our Dart League trying to get new players.  So much so that she had to borrow contact cards from other officers.  Mary Ann has graciously hosted many Board meetings at her home.  She has set up, cleaned up and helped cook for multiple NODA banquets and events.  She has moved tables, picked up donuts and sold 50/50 and raffle tickets at most, if not all, of our banquets.  Mary Ann has won a few dart awards and her share of raffles.

Read Mary Ann's thank you note

Stu Pilcher has been inducted into the 2012
National Darts Hall of Fame

NODA Inductee #12 - May 5, 2012
Stu Pilcher
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Stu has been a member of our League since the 1989/1990 season.  He entered our League as the Captain of his team.  Stu has the distinction of being the eldest player in our League.

5/5/12 Anecdote by Mike Dobek
Stu “the secret weapon” Pilcher has been a member of the NODA for more than 20 years. He comes every Monday night ready to play and always gives 110 %. As he will tell you, “I didn’t come to pack peaches”

Stu has played on numerous teams, Club Joseph, Airway, VFW, Emerald Q, Ventura Lounge, Brewski’s, Collier Lanes, and Weal Inn. Stu has one Son and a Daughter and a proud Grandpa of one grandson and three granddaughters. Stu served our country and retired from the Navy after 38 years. Stu is not just a member of our league he is like family to many of us.

I am honored to play with Stu.  I always tell him, he is like my long lost father. I hope to be as youthful and full of energy when I reach his young age. Stu never gives up and strives to improve his game every week. Several times, I have watched him in a single game come from behind and take the game because he never quits. He is a shining example of what this league stands for.

Congratulations and Thank you Stu for your dedication to the NODA J 

Inductee #13 - May 5, 2012
The Auburn
Sportsmens Bar
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The Auburn Bar, 46858 Dequindre Rd., Shelby, MI has been a sponsor of NODA teams almost since the League was formed in the 1981/1982 season.  The Auburn Bar has sponsored as many as 5 teams in a season.  The Auburn Bar always takes its darters into consideration and endeavors to make darts a major part of their operation.

Inductee #14 - January 5, 2013
Airway Lanes Bowling
   VenuesAirway1.jpg (178703 bytes)   VenuesAirway2.jpg (150992 bytes)  

The Airway Lanes Bowling Center, 4825 Highland Rd., Waterford, MI has been a sponsor of NODA teams since the 2005/2006 season.  The Airway Lanes Bowling Center has sponsored as many as 5 teams in a season.  The Airway Lanes Bowling Center always held its darters into high esteem and has hosted our Midyear and Year End Banquets since it became one of our sponsoring venues.  We have held many local ADO Allstar 01 and Cricket tournaments there.  We held two Michigan State 01 Tournaments there and Airway Lanes showed what a perfect venue it is for hosting major Tournaments.

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