This is a note from one of our founders, Mr. Mike Scott, who volunteered this historical information.

You know you're asking me to go back a long time but this is how it happened.

I was playing guitar in the band (Father Pat and the Gales) at the Hurling Green and playing on their dart team.  We were in the Detroit Open Dart League.  I became dissatisfied with the League because there was only an A and B division.  New people were just thrown into B and, having no chance, most would quickly drop out.  I was working in the advertising field at the time (day job) and thought "how hard can it be?".  I was also video tapeing softball games for a local sports bar on Main St. called Mr. B's.  I decided to approach Mike Taylor first who was one of the owners of the Hurling Green and a good friend.  I walked in and there was Ralph Gustofson asking Mike the same thing.  "Whadaya think of a new league?"  We had both come up with the same idea at the same time and had approached the same bar on the same day.  We talked it over and joined forces then and there.  We went to Mr. B's Bar next and then on to the Paint Creek Tavern to talk to Doug the owner.  Next we drove out to the Budweiser Distributor in the area and they agreed to supply the boards, chalk boards and back boards.  Of course everything had Bud plastered all over it.  There was a girl involved soon after that named Kathy Spry.  Kathy was the local dart sales person.  She was a fine shooter and most of the guys liked to watch her throw.

When we wrote up our By-Laws we put in a Beginners or C Division.  This was our main reason for starting a new league.

I was once the cartoonist at the Oakland Press so I had an in with the Press and used it to promote the League.  It took off like a rocket and I credit the C Division for that.  Ralph was the first President and I think I was the VP.  Kathy may have been the Sec/Treasurer.

I wish I could remember more but, Darts is a drinking game and there was no such thing as a DUI in those days so the memory is sometimes foggy.  I don't have any pictures for you but you can get photos from the archives at the Oakland Press if you care to go looking.  They ran several stories on the League.  I remember they had a good large picture of the best shot in the

A little extra:  I left Michigan a couple years after starting the League and moved to Stuart Florida.  I joined the league there and soon found myself playing in the Florida State Championships.  I took third in the state in Cricket (my game).  Lets just say that Michigan shooters are miles better than the Florida players.  You folks are the best and I'm proud that the League is still going and healthy.

Mike Scott