Minutes of N.O.D.A. Youth League Board Meetings


Div 1 and Div 2 had no problems to address.

Rules - the 2 foot rule around the shooter needs to be followed.  Parents and youth need to remember language.  Board membeers have heard a fuew cuss words.

Cell phones are being used again when playing.

Trophies will only be given for 1st and 2nd place. Certificates for everyone else.

Phone directory was brought up for all players to have.

This half we are elimination Position Round so that all the make ups can be done...

Banquet this half was voted to be Pizza and Hot Cocoa.

Board members are going to push for an 11:30 am start so we can get done sooner.

Next season it was brought up to have singles games as half of the matches.


The Darters in attendance were: Samm, Bruce, Hope, Shannon, Ariel, Jake and Tori

3rd Division - Has no problems at the moment.
2nd Division - 2 ft rule needs to be enforced.
1st Division - Change the 701 game.

*Inappropriate words need to be watched.
*Next Board meeting Dec. 19th @ 11:15 am.


The Darters in attendance were: Bruce, Shannon, Torri, Ariel, Chris, Samm, Hope.  Jake (Not here excused)

Division 3  - All good
Division 2 - Take out/change games because play is going to late.
Division 1 - All good

Fundraising - Volunteers are needed to work the upcoming events.

Rules - All good

President - All good

Youth League Banquet - We held a vote and it was decided that we will order subs and everyone will bring a dish to pass.

Next meeting will be April 11th @ 11:15 am.

Minutes recorded by Torri.


The Darters in attendance were: Torri, Jacob, Shannon, Sam, Bruce, Hope, Ariel.  Chris was not present but sent his rules report to be read.

Division 3 - all good no problems
Division 2 - all good no problems
Division 1 - was good but noted that some of the players were having anger issues.

Rules Report - We have had some violations that were addressed such as: Some language violations, Bad Sportsmanship towards team members, Crowding the line while others are shooting.

Fundraising:  Shirt orders for the current and past season are available.  Can/Bottle drive to start this week.

President Report - good
Vice President Report - good



The Darters in attendance were: Jacob, Bruce, Hope, Shannon, Torri, Samm, Chris and Ariel.

3rd Division - All good.
2nd Division - All good.
1st Division - It was requested that the 701 game be dropped.  It's not going to happen at this time.

Rules - The Board voted to change the age to 19 for Youth Shooters.

Fundraising - Car Wash was an idea for sometime in June.

Vice President - Suggested maybe we do baseball hats with our League Logo on them.

President - No problems to report.  All is good.

The next Board Meeting is the 28th of February @ 11:15 am.



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