ADO Cricket Singles Tournament - 2014
(Local Qualifier)
In order to compete in this tournament you must currently be on a NODA team or have paid a current Full Years Dues

There is NO COST ($0.00) for Paid Up NODA Members to enter this Tournament.

Read Michael Abbott's Requests about playing in this Tournament

Was held Saturday, March 1, 2014

Signup started at 10:30 am.
Play started at 11:00 am.

Both Men's and Women's matches were held at:

Airway Lanes Bowling Center
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford MI 48328

Male Winner
Michael Abbott

Female Winner
Cancelled due to lack of participation

NODA Local ADO Cricket Qualifier Wrap-up

The 2014 NODA ADO Cricket Qualifier was held on Saturday, March 1, at Airway Lanes.  We had 10 men and 2 women (Carol Dobek and Kim Heckman) at the event.  Unfortunately, due to the insufficient amount of female shooters, their event was cancelled.

The men were broken up into two groups of five shooters each.  The top two shooters from each group would advance to the final round in the afternoon.

Clubs: David Smith Jr., David Smith Sr., Josh Williams, Jim Govan and Rich McClelland.
Spades: David Booth Jr., Andrew Govan, Mike Dobek, Walt Paton and Michael Abbott.

Results for the Clubs group:
Round 1:
David Smith Sr. 2-1 Josh Williams
Jim Govan 2-1 Rich McClelland

Round 2:
Jim Govan 3-0 Josh Williams
Rich McClelland 3-0 David Smith Jr.

Round 3:
Jim Govan 3-0 David Smith Jr.
David Smith Sr 2-1 Rich McClelland

Round 4:
David Smith Jr. 2-1 David Smith Sr.
Josh Williams 2-1 Rich McClelland

Round 5:
Jim Govan 3-0 David Smith Sr.
Josh williams 3-0 David Smith Jr.

Totals: Jim Govan-11, Rich McClelland-6, Josh Williams-6, David Smith Sr.-5, David Smith Jr.-2
Rich McClelland defeated Josh Williams in a one game tie-breaker to advance to the playoff round.

Results for the Spades Group:
Round 1:
Andrew Govan 2-1 Mike Dobek
Michael Abbott 2-1 Walt Paton

Round 2:
Mike dobek 3-0 Walt Paton
Michael Abbott 2-1 David Booth Jr.

Round 3:
David Booth Jr. 3-0 Walt Paton
Michael Abbott 3-0 Andrew Govan

Round 4:
David Booth Jr. 2-1 Andrew Govan
Michael Abbott 3-0 Mike Dobek

Round 5:
Andrew Govan 3-0 Walt Paton
Mike Dobek 2-1 David Booth Jr.

Totals: Michael Abbott-10, David Booth Jr.-7, Andrew Govan-6, Mike Dobek-6, Walt Paton-1

The Finals included Michael Abbott, David Booth Jr., Jim Govan and Rich McClelland

Round 1:
Michael Abbott 3-0 Rich McClelland
David Booth Jr. 3-0 Jim Govan

Round 2:
Michael Abbott 3-0 Jim Govan
David Booth Jr. 3-0 Rich McClelland

Going into the final round, Rich and Jim were tied at 0 points.

Round 3:
Jim govan 3-0 Rich McClelland

The final match of the day featured Michael Abbott and David Booth Jr., each sitting on 6 points.  These 3 games would determine who NODA would be sending to the National Qualifier in the Fall.

In the first game both players showed their nerves with slow starts.  Michael gained a late edge and held on to take the first game.  In the second game, David started strong and never let up.  Michael missed some key closes and David punished him with triples.  David easily defeated Michael in the second game.  This set up the game of the day...winner take all!  Both players started solid.  It was a back and forth, low scoring battle.  After several rounds, David had everything closed except bulls, and 20 points to Michael's 18.  David stepped up to the oche needing just three bulls.  He had a bounce out on the double bull and didn't get any this round.  Michael still needed a single 20, three 15's, and four bulls to close and point.  He stepped up and hit a single bull, single 20 (close) and triple 15 (close).  It came down to both players now needing three bulls.  David toed the line and once again had a double bull bounce out, but did manage a single bull.  David needed just two more bulls to take the match.  Michael eyed the board and hit two bulls.  The pressure was on.  David threw at the bulls and once again, had a double bull bounce out.  Three potential winning darts ended up on the floor after three rounds.  Michael took the oche, needing just one bull.  On his second dart, he nailed it to seal the victory.

Final result:
Michael Abbott 2-1 David Booth Jr.

NODA will be sending Michael Abbott to the National Qualifier in the Fall.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone that showed up and played.
A special thank you to those that helped set up and take down the boards/lights.

As I've stated in the past, this event isn't just about NODA sending someone on to the National Qualifier.  This event is a great way for all players to shoot against some great competition, fine tune their throw, and maybe learn a few things about how to play the game of darts.  I am continually and pleasantly surprosed at who ends up in the finals of these events.  Quite often, it's not who you might guess.  I've seen many players catch fire and surprise a lot of people.  Even those that don't make it to the final round often comment how glad they were for the opportunity to shoot.  While they may not always win, everyone learns something from the experience.

Remember, you can only get better by shooting against people who are better than you.

Michael Abbott
NODA ADO Rep. 4-4

The Regional ADO Cricket National Qualifier was to be held on
Saturday, October 4, 2014 but has been officially CANCELLED!
Sign up until 11:30. Event starts at 12:30 pm
Being held at:
Bay Lanes Bowling Center
4243 N Euclid Ave
Bay City, MI 48708
Website: Bay Lanes Bowling Center

Fee: $110.00 (Due In Advance!!!)  Please note: Due to low attendance in the past, Mary Beth has instituted a "Pay in advance" policy.  If there are not enough paid pre-registries, the event will be postponed or cancelled.

Pre-payment must be received by October 2nd.

If you are going and need to get in touch with Mary Beth Collins (our Region Director) prior to the event, she can be reached at (260) 466-8826 or

Thank you, Michael Abbott, ADO Rep. NODA 4-4

The winners of the Regional Tournament will compete in the Cricket Singles Tournament Championship
Friday January 23, 2015 @ 9:00 am
at the Las Vegas Open in
Las Vegas