ADO Cricket Singles Tournament - 2013
(Local Qualifier)
In order to compete in this tournament you must currently be on a NODA team or have paid a current Full Years Dues

There is NO COST ($0.00) for Paid Up NODA Members to enter this Tournament.

Read Michael Abbott's Requests about playing in this Tournament

Was held Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signup started at 11:00 am.
Play started at 11:30 am.


Michael Abbott, Steve Barchus, David Booth Jr, Billy Born, Brian Bradshaw, Jeff Chapel, Mike Dobek, Chris Hampton, Mark Henry, Tim Jones, Rob Maison, Jeremiah Millar, Kyle Nabors, Josh Paker, David Smith 2nd, Phil Teem, Dan Zetterlund


Jacquelynn Boughner, Carol Dobek, Kim Heckman, Lisa Jones, Andria Milez, Peggy Pollock

Both Men's and Women's matches were held at:

Airway Lanes Bowling Center
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford MI 48328

Male Winners
Jeremiah Millar
Rob Maison

Female Winner
Kim Heckman

NODA Local ADO Cricket Qualifier Wrap-up

WHAT A FANTASTIC TURNOUT!   We had 17 men and 6 women shooting at Airway Lanes on March 16, 2013 for the NODA NODA Local ADO Cricket Qualifier. 

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who helped out, whether it was setting up, tearing down, chalking, or cheering on the players.

The men were broken up into two brackets of 8 & 9, while the women played in a single bracket of 6.  The top 2 men in each bracket and top 4 women would advance to the second round.

Women - Hearts

Kim Heckman (9), Jacquelynn Boughner (8), Lisa Jones (12), Carol Dobek (0), Andria Milez (9), and Peggy Pollock (7).

Congratulations to Kim, Jacquelynn, Lisa, and Andria for advancing to the next round.

Men – Spades (aka “The Group of Death”)

Josh Paker (7), Jeremiah Millar (21), Tim Jones (8), Michael Abbott (8), Steve Barchus (2), Jeff Chapel (9), Mark Henry (14), and Rob Maison (17).

Congratulations to Jeremiah Millar and Rob Maison for surviving the Group of Death.

Men – Clubs

David Booth, Jr. (14), Billy Born (13), Brian Bradshaw (10), David J. Smith (0), Dan Zetterlund (10), Phil Teem (10), Kyle Nabors (18), Chris Hampton (22) and Mike Dobek (11).

Congratulations to Chris and Kyle for advancing to the finals.

The results of the women’s finals are as follows:

Round 1: Lisa 0 – 3 Andria and Kim 2 – 1 Jacquelynn

Round 2: Kim 1 – 2 Lisa and Andria 3 – 0 Jacquelynn

Round 3: Lisa 3 – 0 Jacquelynn and Kim 3 – 0 Andria

The final scores were Lisa (5), Andria (6), Kim (6), and Jacquelynn (1). 

A playoff was played between Andria and Kim.  The playoff game was a single game of close out cricket (no points). Andria had 3 darts in hand and needed 2 bulls and a single 16 to win.  She shot at the bull and missed with the first dart. Her second dart was a double bull.  She collected herself and shot the third dart at the single 16, but missed.  Kim came up needing a single 15, which she hit to win the tournament.

Congratulations to Kim Heckman who will be representing NODA at the National Qualifier in the Fall.

The men’s group featured Jeremiah, Rob, Chris, and Kyle with the top 2 advancing (based on 17 players).

Round 1: Kyle 0 – 3 Jeremiah and Rob 2 – 1 Chris

Round 2: Rob 2 – 1 Kyle and Chris 0 – 3 Jeremiah

Round 3: Kyle 1 – 2 Chris and Jeremiah 2 – 1 Rob

Final scores: Jeremiah (8), Rob (5), Chris (3), and Kyle (2)

Congratulations to Jeremiah Millar and Rob Maison who will be representing NODA at the National Qualifier in the Fall.

There were ten 9-Marks shot on the day.

Jeff Chapel (1), David Booth Jr. (2), Tim Jones (1), Rob Maison (1), and Jeremiah Millar (5) including back to back 9-marks in a loss to Rob Maison in the finals.

Michael Abbott
NODA ADO Rep. 4-4

"CANCELLED" - Unfortunately the Regional Qualifier below has been cancelled due to lack of pre registered entries.

The Regional ADO Cricket National Qualifier will be held on
Saturday, October 26, 2013
Doors open at 8:30 am.  Sign up until Noon. Event starts at 12:30 pm
Being held at:
Bay Lanes Bowling Center
4243 N Euclid Ave
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 684-7361

Fee: $110.00 (Due In Advance!!!)  Please note: Due to low attendance in the past, Mary Beth has instituted a "Pay in advance" policy.  If there are not enough paid pre-registries, the event will be postponed or cancelled.
In fact this event has been cancelled.

If you are going and need to get in touch with Mary Beth Collins (our Region Director) prior to the event, she can be reached at (260) 466-8826.

Thank you, Michael Abbott, ADO Rep. NODA 4-4

The winners of the Regional Tournament will compete in the Cricket Singles Tournament Championship
on January 24, 2014
at the Las Vegas Open in Las Vegas.