All Star ADO Cricket Singles Championship - 2010
(Local Qualifier)
(In order to compete in this tournament you must currently be on a NODA team or have paid a current Full Years Dues)

There is NO COST ($0.00) to enter this Tournament.

Was held Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sign Up Started at 10:00 a.m.
Play started promptly at 11:00 a.m.

Both Men's and Women's matches were held at:

Airway Lanes Bowling Center
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford, MI 48328

(248) 674-0424

Male Winner
Jeremiah Millar

Female Winner
Dot Skarritt

2010 NODA ADO Cricket All-Star Qualifier wrap-up

Id like to thank the following players for shooting in the largest NODA All-Star Cricket qualifier ever.  We had 13 men, broken up into 3 groups and 5 women shooting for a chance to attend the Regionals this fall. 

In the Hearts group: Jacquelynn Boughner, Carol Dobek, Dot Skarritt, Nikki Roenicke, and Lisa Jones

The woman played one round of round-robin play (3 games each).  Congratulations to Dot Skarritt for advancing to the Regionals in the fall with a perfect score of 12. 

In the Diamonds group:  Bill Swanson, Michael Abbott, John Anderson, Tim Jones, and Mike Evans

In the Clubs group: Pat Whelan, Anthony Gidcomb, Rory Medina, Dave Smith, and Ron Burrows

In the Spades group: Randy Whelan, Bryan Zobel, Jeremiah Millar, and John Upham

In the mens groups, they also played round-robin style with the top 2 players in each group advancing to the finals in the afternoon. 

 From the Diamonds group, Michael Abbott advanced with 8 points.  Bill Swanson and Michael Evans each finished with 7 points, forcing a 1 game playoff of closeout cricket (no points).  Michael defeated Bill to advance to the second round.

 In the Clubs group, Ron Burrows advanced with 9 points.  Anthony and Pat Whelan tied with 8 points each, forcing yet another one game playoff.  Anthony advanced.

 In the Spades group, Jeremiah Millar and John Upham advanced, with 9 and 5 points respectively.

 The finals would also be round robin style with the top player advancing to the Regionals.  The board will decide, at a later time, if a second man will be sponsored.  

Here are the round-by-round scores:

Round 1: John Upham defeated Anthony Gidcomb 3-0.
  Jeremiah Millar defeated Michael Abbott 3-0.  Ron Burrows defeated Mike Evans 2-1.

Round 2: Mike E. defeated Michael A. 3-0.  Jeremiah defeated Anthony 3-0.  Ron defeated John 3-0.

Round 3: Mike E. defeated Anthony 3-0.  Jeremiah defeated John 3-0.  Ron defeated Michael A. 2-1.

Round 4: Jeremiah defeated Ron 3-0.  Mike E. defeated John 2-1.  Michael A. defeated Anthony 3-0.

Round 5: Michael A. defeated John 3-0.  Jeremiah defeated Mike E. 3-0.  Ron defeated Anthony 2-1.

The final scores were: Jeremiah Millar 15, Ron Burrows 9, Mike E. 9, Michael A. 7, John Upham 4, and Anthony Gidcumb 1.

Ron Burrows defeated Mike Evans in a one game, no points, playoff game for second place.

There were three 9-marks thrown today; one each by Jeremiah Millar, Bill Swanson, and Ron Burrows.

 A special thanks goes to our bartender and scorekeeper, Vickie Weber.

 Michael Abbott
NODA ADO Rep. 4-4


The Regional ADO Cricket All Star shoot will be held on Saturday, November 6 at the Westwood in Grand Rapids (Belmont).  Doors open for practice at 10:30 am, sign up is at 11 am, and start shooting by noon.

Westwood at the Crossing
(formerly Westwood Ranch)
5760 W River Rd NE
Belmont, MI 49306

The winners of the Regional Tournament will compete in the Cricket Singles Championship late January, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.