All Star ADO Cricket Singles Championship - 2008
(For Current NODA Members Only)
There was NO COST ($0.00) to enter this Tournament.

Was held Saturday, September 20, 2008
Sign Up Started at 10:00 a.m.
Play started promptly at 11:00 a.m.

Both Men's and Women's matches were held at:

Airway Lanes
4825 Highland Rd
Waterford, MI 48328

(248) 674-0424


Male Winner
Mike Evans

Female Winner
Lisa Jones

MikeEvansLisaJones.jpg (159390 bytes)

Mike Evans shot a Deadeye (3 Double Bulls)

Everyone in the League was invited.

A wonderful time was had by the 10 men and 2 women at the Cricket All-Star qualifier on Saturday, Sept. 20th at Airway Lanes.
Lisa Jones squared off against Carol Dobek in the ladies match.  Congratulations goes out to Lisa Jones for defeating Carol. 
In the men's, we had 2 groups of 5 men each in the first round robin.  The top 2 from each group would go to a 2nd round robin in the afternoon.  In the Hearts group, we had Jimmy Smith, Dave Smith, Tony Tanascu, Mike Ryder, and Topher Malburg.  Jimmy and Topher advanced to the afternoon round robin.
In the Spades group, we had Tim Jones, Mike Evans, Andy Pinner, Big Pax Mason, and Chris Malburg.  Tim and Pax tied, with Tim winning the tie breaker.  Mike Evans and Tim Jones advanced from this group.
In the second round robin, Topher finished with 2 points, Tim Jones finished with 3 points, Jimmy Smith finished with 6 points, and in what many might consider a stunner, Mike Evans wins the tournament with 7 points.  I was watching the matches and Mike was spot-on this day and deserved to advance to the Regionals on Saturday, November 1st in Grand Rapids.
In what can only be described as great sportsmanship (or in this case, sportswomanship), Lisa has agreed to let Carol Dobek represent our league in Grand Rapids so she could be there with Mike.
In addition, I'd like to thank the spectators that stopped by to cheer on our darters and a big thanks to Airway Lanes for opening up their venue for this event.  We were able to use the 8 new wall mounted boards upstairs and did not have to bring any of our own boards to the venue.  This saved a LOT of time since we didn't have to set up or tear down boards.  We started at 11:30 AM and were finished by 3:30 PM.  The total time of the tournament was 4 hours.  Please note that we will try and start our qualifier tournaments at 11 AM from now on, when the venue is able to open that early.
Best of luck to Carol and Mike in Grand Rapids. 
Michael Abbott
NODA ADO Representative 

Saturday November 1, 2008
Westwood at the Crossing
(formerly Westwood Ranch)
5760 W River Rd NE
Belmont, MI 49306

Region IV-4 will be sending 1 woman & 1 man to the
"Las Vegas Open"
January 23, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Players compete for Nat'l titles, $, &
have an opportunity to win $10,000