North Oakland Darting Association

(For Current NODA Members Only)
There was NO COST ($0.00) to enter this Tournament.

Was held Saturday
March 25, 2006

Both Men's & Women's 01 Tournaments
Were held at:

American Legion Post 108
130 E Drahner Rd
Oxford MI 48371

Doors opened at 11:00 a.m. and play started at noon.

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Men's Results
1st - Jimmy Smith
2nd - Michael Abbott

Women's Results
1st - Chris Paton
2nd - Holly McCarthy

The 1st & 2nd Place Male and 1st Place Female winners will compete in the ADO Regional Association Playoffs.
The East/West Allstar Regional for Region IV-4 will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2006
 at 11 AM
 @ Westwood at the Crossing (formerly Westwood Ranch)
 5760 W River Rd NE
 Belmont, MI 49306 (just north of Grand Rapids).
Westwood at the Crossing is home to over 30 dart boards.

A note from Chris Paton:  Enjoyed participating in the Tournament. There were eleven women participating that day.  We were divided into two groups and played each woman 3 /501 games.  I did manage to win 3 out of 12 matches. (my group had 5 women) The two top winners advanced to the next round for the final match. Women from Cleveland, Grand Rapids area and Indiana were there representing their associations.  It was a challenging day of darts and was exciting seeing the talent these women displayed.  The winner of this event is advancing to the national event in Connecticut in August (13th)   Mike Abbott and Jim Smith seemed to enjoy the event but also did not advance out of the first round of the event. We learned that there were many participants from Grand Rapids and both Jim and Mike agree that we should have more qualifying events and send more representatives from our ranks. Better luck next year.  The venue the event was at was impressive because it had 38 dart boards upstairs and down.  The local association is quite large, like we once were....Maybe we will see those days again....Thanks for the opportunity.
Chris Paton

A note from Michael Abbott:  Hello, I just wanted to take a moment and thank the NODA for the opportunity to play in the Regional '01 All Star qualifier this past weekend.  Both Jimmy Smith and I agree that the level of competition was much higher than expected.  We're not using that as an excuse, but merely a reality check to the quality of darts here in our area.  There were about 35 men, broken up into 4 groups.  We played 3 games of 501 vs. each person in our own group.  The top 2 from each group advanced to the evening Round Robin.  The top 4 from there went on to Nationals.  Jimmy and I felt we shot quite well, but seemed to come up just a bit short at the end of the games.  Jimmy finished 4th in our group and I believe I finished 7th, out of 9.  This opportunity showed me what I need to do (and how much more I need to practice) for the next time.  Oh, I also wanted to note that we had the best looking dart league there with our nice, new shirts! 
Thank you, Michael Abbott